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December 04, 2008

KU-MU games at Arrowhead

Yael Abouhalkah’s position on the KU-MU series entirely misses the point and spirit of the rivalry (11/29, Opinion, “Showdown welcome on the border”).

First of all, I didn’t realize that the litmus test for a college football game was the value to local merchants. As an alumnus of KU (’82-’86), I would have been furious if that game had been taken away from campus. We had very little to play for in those days, so rivalry was everything. Now there’s much more at stake, and it should be decided on the respective campuses.

As to having to go to a hostile environment to see your team play: boo hoo. Isn’t that what rivalry is all about? I doubt the Wolverines feel very comfortable in Columbus, but I don’t see anyone clamoring to play that game in Detroit. Maybe we should go to a flag football system and have a “5 Mississippi” rush to limit any hard feelings.

This decision saps all of the spirit of rivalry and tradition from that game. It’s about only one thing: money.

Harlow D. Schmidt



I like the idea of having the rivalry games on campus where we all know there is never any hostility, asenine behavior or animosity. I think it even better universities shold only be allowed to recruit from their repsective State, hence someone playing for KU is from Kansas, representing Kansas not from California or Florida.

Gary L. Schmidt

Harlow is correct. College football belongs on campus. Nebraska did a great job of recruiting for years without playing at some ficticious venue. The biggest benefactor of the Arrowhead venue is the Kansas City Chiefs.
Leave your Mom out of this, she doesn't care. And by the way Allen, the Big 12 is nothing but the result of a dying conference that leached itself onto the Big 8. Your Dad, Gary Schmidt, Overland Park



While I agree with you that the rivalry is important, we cannot forget that playing this game in a high profile venue such as an NFL stadium brings this game to the attention of recruits around the country. Texas and Oklahoma relocate and as far as I know the Sooners never burned Austin to the ground so they should still have a stadium there. The rivalry is not lost at Arrowhead, just some of the ambiance. If you really want to get back to the spirit of the game, let's get rid of that rediculous drum as the trophy for the victor.

As you are now and and were when we were kids, you are wrong and I am going to tell Mom on you.

Your brother,

Allen Schmidt


"It’s about only one thing: money."

...a significant portion of which goes to the two schools involved. MU and KU didn't agree to move their game because of their concern for Kansas City merchants, they did so for the big check that is written to each of them each year for playing here.

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