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December 30, 2008

Missing Swope Park’s poinsettia display

Several weeks ago I read in The Star that the poinsettia display that traditionally had been at Swope Park would be at Powell Gardens this year. I had mixed emotions about this.

If you have never been to the Swope Park greenhouse to see this fabulous display of poinsettias, then you have been missing something truly beautiful. I started going to see it several years ago, and it became a tradition each year. I did not know that there were so many different kinds of poinsettias, and the park people displayed them throughout the building with waterfalls, Christmas decorations, Christmas scenery and so much more.

What has upset me with having the display at Powell Gardens is that it is a longer drive for many people, plus it costs $7. It was free at the Swope Park greenhouse. Oh, did I mention, there was also free coffee and hot cider?

It was such a wonderful place for all ages to see something so beautiful and magical. I hope they rebuild the Swope Park greenhouse and bring it back to where it was.

Linda Coon
Kansas City



Sol you eve play any of the highly popular games online? Obviously you don't. You continue to believe that everyone and the majority on welfare do no wrong or buy anything that they should not be buying with OPM. Naive. I remember before the EBT card, people trying to break singles to get the change and accumulate it ti buy squares, 40's, Chore boy, etc.
No one in the hod wears Nike.



White Americans are the main market for rap, as any cd sales or mtv audit will show. Their not selling ads for high dollar video games and x-sports products for that ebt swiper you despise.


Now you are just being stupid. Who makes more money everytime someone like Rock says the dreaded word on HBO, Rock or the network? You pretend to act how life works, don't pretend to be other than you claim.

Your argument makes no sense and is a futile attempt to excuse your calling Mrs Obama a Ho, and by extension all black women ho's.


White American money? Racist I've ever heard it. Nope, not one single black person buys rap or R&B CD's and we know they don't DL from the Net, as you claim non of them have internet, computers or big screens.
Although I agree that the phony hip hop fashion of modern society is largely behind the ghetto/gangsta movement. Seems everyone thinks it is "just a phase". Pretty pathetic, people of all walks have lost their identities and try to realte to life through pseudo-ghettoism.


I watched a Chris rock show some years ago and Sharpton called for him to quit using such a ugly word. Rock made a joke that he would when Al get his hair cut.

Who had the more valid point? Who does Hollywood pay to keep the ugliness alive and ridicule for his views? ou tell me. This isn't an endorsement of sharpton, but it is white American money paying rappers and comics to keep the word alive. Do the math smart guy, there isn't enough black money to do it.


So race is the main focus of the Senate seat, not qualifications.

Reuters – Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (L) and former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris look at each … Barack Obama doesn’t need this, not right now.

Already, Obama’s Hawaiian vacation has been interrupted by news of an Israeli incursion into Gaza. He faces a mounting economic crisis even before he takes office.

And now, just as Obama was starting to distance himself from the machinations over filling his Senate seat, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s surprise pick is dragging him back in to the home-state mess – along with the kind of hard-edged racial politics Obama tries to avoid.

Blagojevich, who has been charged with attempting to sell the Senate seat, announced Tuesday he was tapping Roland Burris, the first African-American to win statewide election in Illinois and the closest thing in the state to a black elder statesman.

But Obama is backing efforts led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to block Burris, saying Blagojevich is too tainted by corruption charges to make the pick.

It’s not clear Reid can block Burris. But Obama’s bigger headache could come from a longtime South Side congressman and one-time rival – Rep. Bobby Rush – who is unmistakably daring officials not to block the ascension of an African-American to replace Obama.

“I would ask you to not hang or lynch the appointee while you castigate the appointer,” Rush said at Blagojevich’s news conference. “Let me just remind you that there presently is no African-American in the U.S. Senate.”

Until now, Obama and other Democrats have been able to isolate Blagojevich. But Rush’s blessing leaves Obama caught between the Senate leadership and two leading, old-guard African-Americans politicians in his home state.

Rush’s move isn’t the first time he’s made life difficult for Obama. The president-elect ran in a primary against the veteran congressman in 2000. Rush easily held his seat, winning 61-30 and temporarily sidetracking then state Sen. Obama’s ambitions.

In that campaign for a seat on Chicago’s heavily black South Side, Rush, a Baptist minister and former Black Panther, mixed a familiar message of race, class, and generation of the sort that is often used by older African-Americans against upstart primary rivals.

“Barack is a person who read about the civil-rights protests and thinks he knows all about it,” Rush said to a Chicago paper at the time.

Democrats familiar with Obama’s thinking suggest that he’ll stay as quiet as possible about the matter. The president-elect believes the Senate is well within its bounds not to seat Burris that it would be difficult for him to work effectively under the cloud that would come with being appointed by a governor facing federal charges.

One thing could short-circuit the controversy - Jesse White, the Illinois secretary of state, said he will not certify Burris as the replacement for Obama’s seat. White is an African-American.


Who gets to determine what is funny? What is "good music"? Was New Jack City a racist movie? I find it hypocritical that it is perfectly accceptable for black comedians to crack cracka jokes at will yet if a "white" comedian even remotely brings any pseudo-African-American culture into their routine, they are racists and Rev. Al Sharpton is screaming "IT'S OUTRAGEOUS!" (while heading back to his bootleg office in NYC via a gas guzzling caddy).


Chris Rock is a one act comic. Richard Pryor and George Carlin were without peer as modern comics, Buddy Hackett was one of the funniest ever.


Sol the fist one is a retort to your endorsement of lazy welfare sucking illegal citizens that advcoate killing American infidels.
I agree with 100% Sol, my question is who gets to determine what is funny, art, acceptable, etc? You ever watched Chris Rock? You think he's funny? I used to, however he started getting really racist. Cracking a joke on every ethnicity is one thing, directing it to only one is another.


Don't worry, LJ should be gone and you'll have a new person to rant against. I hear the Royals picked up Coco Crisp, maybe you can get some mileage out of that.


Was the first one about your ex wife or was the second one. Why would someone call me the N word when I'm white. It is a stupid ugly word no matter who uses it, whether they are rappers, Tarentino or some Nazi screaming white pride. The fact that there are ignorant people who'd think calling Mrs Obama,the first Ho is funny not surprising but as mean and hateful coming from anyone, black, white, male or female.

You just don't get it, that fact that something is done does not make it acceptable or the world a better place.


No kidding Sol, poverty is NOT a black issue. That's my point, yet all we hear is how disadvantaged blacks are over everyone else, simply not true. Education, we have thrown money at the situation and that does not fix it. Absolutely it takes money to acquire good teachers and offer adequate facilities, however, white, black, chicano, etc. Parents must be involved and present a good example at home. Allowing kids to act, dress and think like thugs is not privy to just the "urban core" it has become fashionable, again, I'll use LJ as an example. He happens to be black, so don't spin this. A guy that grows up, middle class, NOT in poverty. Receives breaks over other people due to more than just talent, it always helps when your dad is the coach.Yet this college educated (free education mind you) acts like a thug, has plenty of money. So explain how we fix the education system because ibvisouly money and a degree do not correct behvaior.


I see, blacks can call women ho's and use the N word, call people whitey, cracka, and it's perfectly acceptable. I find it humoruos that black comedians can say what they please in regards to racial jokes, when someone else besides a black person jokes, they are racist. First Ho', it's a joke whether you like it or not is your prerogative. I would imagine in your humble opinion Sol, everything is black or white. As for your again, advoaction, support and endorsement of someone that back terrorist and anti-western infidel culture, knock yourself out. Pretty pathetic someone would endorse deadbeats that elect to not work for 20 years and lie on their application for citizenship. Funny thing is she would call you a N to your face, she does not like whites or blacks, only certain Latino (non-mexicans) races and Persians.



Never made the claim that it was a crime free zone, just not the take your life at your own risk racial hellhole NE describes it. From crumbling infrastructure, lack of anything positive to do for entetainment to a school system that is not adequately educating (an entire diffrerent can od worms) there are problems in KC. There is crime in every city on earth and it comes from the same portions of the populace, regardless of race. You think KCs bad, try Moscow or Mexico City where there are an insignificant # of blacks

I would expect you to take offense at the first ho comment. Known you long enough to recognize your character.


"You often make statements here about how it is unsafe to go into the "black community",..."

Not entirely untrue if based only upon STATISTICS. The eastern side of KCMO greatly exceeds the remainder of the city in violent crime. This, of course, can be traced to a variety of things not associated with race (poverty, low education, lack of investment, etc.), but to deny the fact that crime is higher in "that area" simply because one guy thinks it's totally due to the color of skin of the residents is short-sighted.

FYI - I took issue with the "first ho" comment immediately, so that's off the table.


Thats almost funny from a man who speaks so contemptuously of the woman he married and the Middle easterns she prefers now.




I get to say this and someone will call me wrong,(probably someone who was not offended by your characterization of the First Ho) but the statement you made about getting shot or mugged was intended to be racial. You often make statements here about how it is unsafe to go into the "black community", even though there are thousands of non-black business owners, clients and delivery people who "brave" it daily.

I'm sure you'll say your statement calling Mrs Obama the First Ho (thereby calling all black women ho's )was not racist either.


I did not mention anything racial in my comment. Starlight is great and we have the zoo, golf course, etc. All great, however it can be a dangerous place to be if you are not careful where you go. I am awaiting an apology from the black leaders that contunally play the rcae card and make comments about "whites". How did white become a flavor of milk is my question?

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