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December 24, 2008

‘Nation building’ vs. ‘socialism’

I am an independent voter, and I want to answer Jeanie Adkins-Peine’s question (12/22, Letters) “Why does our government continue to send millions of dollars out of this country when we desperately need it here?”

Jeanie, our current government spends billions of dollars a month in Iraq on a war that has absolutely nothing to do with our country’s national security, and recently it sent $74 million to Egypt for that country’s health care.

Republicans call this “nation building.” If Democrats want to spend billions on less fortunate Americans, Republicans call it “socialism,” and Republicans hate socialism.

John J. Martin
Kansas City



Less fortunate Americans is one thing, however we muist firsat define less fortunate. Simply forking over money to people that have proven to be bad with personal finance and make poor choices, is not helping them nor is it prudent. There is a difference between offering resources, direction and opportunity and government handing out money without any question and then not holding anyone accountable for that money. Why is that welfare recioients are not drug tested as a requirement to recieve benefits? I agree wwe need to invest our money domestically, however, there is a Senate bill that is on the floor adn waiting to be passed after Jan 20th, it will afford over $800B in aid to global poverty with oversight fromt he UN. Much of this money will end up lining pockets of politicians, lawyers and cronies across the globe while affording a bag of rice and a one time vaccination to some kid that is in sufferage. One component we could advocate to many of the over populated poverty stricken countries, STOP SCREWING!


Posted by: homer glasgow | Dec 25, 2008 12:05:06 PM

If anyone was wondering why America has such a poor understanding of International Diplomacy, all they need to do is read homer glasgow’s post.

If anyone was wondering how deep America’s love for hate, fear and paranoia is, all they need to do is re-read homer glasgow’s post.

homer glasgow

the mere fact that we were tricked into the debacle in iraq, and the right keeps on telling us what a success it is, is the lone justification we needed to purge the warmongers from the executive. they are content in their being showered by the urine of these swine, and informing us that it is raining...i would urge gcyl to read kipling. for your ability to grasp middle east politics is lacking.


If anyone was wondering why America has such a poor understanding of International Diplomacy, all they need to do is read John J. Martin’s letter.

Spending 74 million dollars on the Egyptian health care system is called buying influence in a very volatile area of our world. Unbeknownst to John, it’s a good investment with an overly humanitarian spin on the influence buying.

Meanwhile, back home, our multi trillion dollar effort continues with socializing, sorry, changing to a one payer medical system.

Pub 17

Actually, Israel and Egypt receive a huge proportion of our foreign aid, primarily military and a little domestic, because we've been supporting them as the two functioning democracies in the Middle East.

IT'S CHRISTMAS, PEOPLE. Go be Christmas-y.

T. Hanson


Republicans hate the the ideas of Democrats and Democrats hate the ideas of Republicans. The only thing similar here is that it could be the same idea.

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