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December 07, 2008

Note from Self: Keep making Mom proud

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Bill Self of the Kansas Jayhawks at a charity event. I told him how my son Bryan is a sophomore at the University of Kansas, and that he is in the band. I was beaming as I told of how my son was on national television during the Orange Bowl in Florida and that he had participated in the National Basketball Championships.

A week later, my son called to exclaim that he was summoned to the band office as he had received a letter from Coach Self. Mr. Self told my son about our meeting, and that it was obvious that I am a proud mom. He also encouraged my son to keep making his mom proud.

Coach Self did not have to take time out of his schedule to do this wonderful act of kindness, but he did. I just wanted to publicly thank him for doing so. This was not a small thing to my son, and he has since become a celebrity in his community of friends.

Thank you Coach Self. I appreciate you!

Deborah Love
Kansas City



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