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December 24, 2008

Phill Kline doing his job

My ire has arisen as a result of seemingly endless Star articles designed to humiliate Phill Kline or create the idea that he is a loose cannon or a buffoon. His record as Kansas attorney general and Johnson County district attorney refute that to anyone who has taken the trouble to learn the facts. Kline has done one thing. He has tried to enforce definite existing laws, and nothing more. (My, my, why in the world would an attorney general do that?)

Other Kansas AGs deserve more criticism than Kline, but The Star is strangely silent. His successor, Paul Morrison, resigned in disgrace because of sexual harassment.

The Kansas Supreme Court got into the act by criticizing Kline because of the way he has kept copies of evidence in his suit against Planned Parenthood and Dr. George Tiller. If Kline had not kept those copies, that evidence would have disappeared long ago.

The court seems more interested in procedure than justice. It has been said many times that justice delayed is not justice served.

Thomas F. Loftus



"He tried to enforce ONE law at the neglect of all others."

The moonbats arent taking the holiday season off. They're stil lying.

Dan Beyer

"...anyone who has taken the trouble to learn the facts."
Imbeciles who totally swallow everything they're told by Planned Parenthood parrot, the Kansas City Star don't care about facts.
Their minds are not mature enough to comprehend such things.


“HAHAHAHA,” - kcstar_is_one_sided

Ouch. True, but ouch.


Pub -

You will never be accused of being smarter than anyone I've seen on these boards.

Pub 17

But why would I go to a site where the particpants are smarter than I am? That would mean I could lose an argument.

homer glasgow

pub 17, you should know by now that you cannot have educated interaction with unarmed participants...

Pub 17

You obviously are willing to swallow anything your whackjob websites choose to spew. Kline devastated the consumer- protection function of the Attorney General's office--too busy chasing bloody-handed baby butchers, which so far has resulted in how many convictions?


Wrong Pub 17. Pull you head from the sand. I have kept track of Kline's career from the getgo and he is not a one-issue district attorney as his critics continually lie about. You obviously hate anyone that is against abortion.

Pub 17

He tried to enforce ONE law at the neglect of all others. That's why he's history. Philll wants to run for Special Abortion Prosecutor, go for it.
Now, get away from the keyboard and play with the boxes. It's Christmas.

T. Hanson

Sorry Thomas,

He is long gone in January. As the song goes; nahanah, nahanah, nahanah. nahanah, nahanah, nahanah, ya, ya, ya, goodbye.

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