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December 06, 2008

Politicians must scale back

The voters were bought in this presidential election. Does anyone care? Yes, we made history, but are we ready for the future that awaits us? It may not be the “change” that is good for this country.

I cannot tolerate the extravaganza spending on campaigning and now the presidential inauguration celebration. It is heartbreaking to me that people are losing their jobs, homes and savings while Congress is debating whether to bail out the Big Three. No more bailouts!

Barack Obama says he is for the poor. So please, president-elect set the example to show compassion and scale down your inauguration celebration.

Where were the other politicians, media talk shows and financial advisers to inspire a solution that both candidates should have stopped all campaigning and put those funds into the market to help with the financial crash? No one said a word. It was taxpayers’ money, wasn’t it?

It’s time for congressional term limits and a cap on campaign spending.

Patricia Baker
St. Joseph



I can only imagine how much Lidicrous will be invoicing the Black House for when he gets to MC the shin dig.


Were you all up in arms aboutmonies spent on the Bush inauguration? What would be your alternative? Tailgating on the National Mall?

I just hate it when people cry 'hypocrisy' over money being spent on things like this. They could cancel the inauguration altogether, and the money saved wouldn't amount to a drop in the bucket. And besides, many of the poorest people in this country will be the most ecstatic to see the events of this inauguration unfold.

You might also want to take issue with the luxury Hawaiian vacation the Obama's will be spending in a couple weeks. I'm sure they're paying for it themselves, but while you're on a roll, have a go at them.

Pub 17

I, too, long for the quiet, inexpensive campaigns of the past, wherein the candidates presented themselves in rational debate around tables in darkened studios and intelligently discussed issues.

I recall in particular the 2000 and 2004 elections, models of propriety and efficiency.

And in particular I support the letter-writer's idea that we should replace our politicians with rank amateurs every few years, and that we should quash the rich Republicans who have successfully managed to frame the debate over campaign spending into one of freedom of speech, ensured best to those with the most to spend.

Yawn. What's on the tube today?

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