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December 02, 2008

‘Praise’ for Pinkel

Yessiree Bob! That Gary Pinkel is some kind of a football coach.

The people at Missouri sure made a big mistake. They should redo the new contract they just gave him and make it $5 million a year for his lifetime. Maybe even let him come back and coach a couple of years after he is dead, because that is what he looked like he was doing on Saturday against the hated Jayhawks.

Richard W. Dahms
St. Joseph



NMMNG, so, everybody 99.9% of the student body?

not sure about MU, but KU Bball generates enough revenue to cover all of its costs, including Bill Self's salary, and also the expenses of many of the other sports at the school, meaning that little to any of taxpayer money is actually funding athletics.

MU football probably generates enough revenue to sustain a number of sports, including Pinkel's yearly salary


Just raise tuition at MU and KU but only for the white non-scholarship students.

homer glasgow

i must eat crow, mangino is a better coach...

homer glasgow

richard, my old attorney. he can wack the crap out of a golfball. coach has the inability to manage the clock. it nearly led to defeat last year and was the crux of this years defeat. mizzou will be back in the hunt next year and hopefully the new offensive coordinator will bring the skill of clock management with him...


I think the "hatred" runs both ways there quad kings, "Misery" fans as call them do not have a monopoly on it. Perhaps you should check the mirror.

Quad Kings

"Hated Jayhawks"??? Not "Jayhawk rivals," or "arch-nemesis Jayhawks," but "hated"? Do you think maybe you're taking this school and sports rivalry too far?

I love to see Misery "fans" talk trash and then eat heaping portions of crow like they did for this year's game. But you have to admit Pinkel has done a masterful job with the 'Tigger' football program. He and Mangino are fantastic coaches. Period.

Now you're whining about Pinkel because he lost a game to us (and you look stupid for all of your trash-talk)??? Maaan, you really don't get what college athletics is all about.

Get over yourself and your vitriolic, jealous hatred. Enjoy the classic rivalry as good-natured fun. Both schools and both programs have achieved great things. There are good and bad on both sides, but why do the Misery "fans" always seem to be the more obnoxious and negative (hateful) of the two? Ask other Big XII fans (maybe even K-Staters).

Your hatred will consume you.


you seem pissed because he lost one game. Don't forget too quickly that after his big mistake (Brad Smith), he managed to make Missouri Football relevant for once. Not an easy task. Cut him some slack. Besides, he's only lost 4 of his last 6 against Kansas. Even the Chiefs have won 6 straight in Oakland

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