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December 24, 2008

Put collars and IDs on your pets

It happened again. My husband and I walk our dogs through our neighborhood three times a day. Several times a month we run across someone who is looking for a lost dog or cat. When asked if these animals have ID we are often told, “Oh, no. They’re inside pets, so they don’t need collars.”

So what happens when these “inside” pets accidentally get loose? Most often they’re not familiar with their neighborhood. They become lost, cold, hungry and confused and often are never returned to their rightful owners.

Accidents happen, but if an animal is wearing some form of ID, its chances of being reunited with its rightful owner are immensely greater. Microchipping is, of course, the best solution, but not everyone can afford this procedure. You can get a dog or a cat collar at the dollar store and add a name and phone number.

Remember that generations of breeding out the “wild” in these animals have left most of them unable to withstand this cold weather. Please see that your animals are protected, especially at night.

Joyce Kidd
Kansas City



Not all animal control workers scan for microchips either. They see a scared kitty or dog, throw them into a cage and wait to kill them. They don't try anything to reunite the animal to their owner. I have collar and ID and microchips on all of my cats. I have the collars that come off if they get stuck on something so I think if my cats get outside, they will be gone forever.

You can't even trust that animal control won't kill them even if you say you are on your way! They are so quick to kill animals, it is sickening. It is so terrible that the people who are supposed to help our animals are just killing them! Not to mention the irresponsible people who don't get their animals spayed or neutered and let their animals just wander around and have kittens and puppies that are filling up our shelters. Kittens and puppies are killed too, don't think that they are immune because they aren't!


$1.09 can of spray paint will allow you to put Duke or Spot on the side of your dog.

homer glasgow

that would all be very well ma'am, however, it seems that not all the animal control officers are motivated enough to check the tags and in my case removed them altogether. after finding my dog in the shelter, it cost me over one hundred dollars and i had to wait until monday to return to raytown (we cannot use a kansas city veterinarian?) to pick up my, at the time flea infested dog. it was harder than bonding someone out of jail. even the animal control in this town is a dysfunctional joke. my dog is a jack russel and this particular "neighbor" that found my dog was concerned enough that she made sure my baby was incarcerated and awaiting the needle...

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