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December 20, 2008

Saving Brittanys ‘useful’ work

Shrill? So now C.W. Gusewelle is calling his readers shrill? And calling his readers shrill while he spends five paragraphs of his column trying to justify the breeding of a dog? (12/14, B-1, “New litter preserves the Rufus pedigree”)

Maybe if Gusewelle didn’t throw his readers’ letters into the trash with “warp speed,” he’d find out that they are the ones in the trenches performing what he refers to as “some useful volunteer work to keep them occupied.”

They are the ones donating their time, money and gas each week transporting purebred and still abandoned Brittanys across the country to find them a second chance for life. They are the ones worried about protecting each and every Brittany’s life, not just the lineage lucky enough to have lived with Gusewelle.

Janette Boehm
Volunteer driver for Brittany rescue
Houston Lake


Dan Beyer

What do you expect from Gusewelle?


... got my wiener dog from a pet store - she was on clearance.


Every time I see a homemade sign announcing "Lab Puppies 4 Sale", I want to tear my hair out. We have two incredible shelter dogs and will always have dogs that have been given up or abandoned, but I'm still tolerant of peoples' desire to have purebred dogs -- as long as they use the services of a responsible breeder.

Every purebred dog owner thinks his breeder is the best. Most purebred dog owners are wrong about that. Most dog breeders are bad at it.

Truly responsible breeders don't have to advertise for customers. They have waiting lists and they don't breed very often. They screen their clients very carefully, and they will take that dog back, if need be, for the rst of its life. They don't have stables full of dogs, and the dams and sires are tested for a myriad of health and genetic problems before they are bred.

Badly bred dogs often have expensive and heartbreaking health problems and frequently, they have temperament issues as well.

And by the way, without exception, every single dog found in a pet store that sells dogs is a dog bred by a puppymill or backyard breeder. EVERY SINGLE ONE. No responsible breeder would ever do business with pet stores. The puppy buying public keeps them in business, and many of those pet store puppies wind up in shelters, facing the business end of a needle.


My son has been "foster human" to several Pit Bulls in the rescue grogram. There are many dogs that once were very popular, overbred and now there are organizations to place them in good homes. The problem is always with humans and the lust for something faddish.

I hope every dog has a god home, but it will never happen in this culture of irresponsible breeding.

Everybody has an interest in the preservation of something. I remember an od SNL newsbit where seals were protesting, holding up signs that read"Screw the whales...they eat us like popcorn".

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