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December 24, 2008

Scrutinize Cheney’s ties to Halliburton

A letter writer (12/18) commented that President Bush and Vice President Cheney should forfeit retirement benefits when they leave office. As a starting point, that is OK. However, Dick Cheney’s relationship with Halliburton needs close scrutiny from the standpoint of war profiteering. Some say he should stand trial as a war criminal, but that is unlikely to happen.

If Congress does go down the investigation path, they should also look at the salary and bonus matrix of investment bankers. If drug companies sold products as poisonous as the financial instruments those “masters of the universe” pushed on the public, they would be sued out of existence.

Tracy Leonard
Kansas City



Pub 17
I think it was Joe Biden. At least he told us that FDR got right on television in 1929 to tell the folks all about what was going on. Let us all hope Obama has a long life.


Anyone purchasing this product should be ashamed of themselves, especially if they are supporters of the Messiah.



We should scrutinize many of the politicians that claim sainthood while making millions on hedgefunds and investing in companies and industries such as Halliburton. John Edwards made the majority of his wealth from hedgefunds, Hillary had millions invested in energy and oil stock, Princess Nanacy and her husband own millions of shares of Starkist of whom outsource jobs to their facility in Samoa and received special tax breaks over their competitors. Scrutinze all politicians. BTW - Halliburton provides a valuable service to the global economy, if you hate all industry, stop buying anything manufcatured and start purchasing from the Amish.


Dan got deep into the Mogan David yesterday.

Dan Beyer

"Bush is a big bad monster. Cheney is a big bad monster. Haliburton is a big bad corporation taking over the world."
This is what happens to the human mind after being subjected to a lifetime of watching cartoons.
Sad isn't it?


Clearly, FDR did not start the Depression. He did, however keep it going as long as possible. He fell for the Keynesian theory that making prices rise to the prior level, the level where debts had been incurred, was the key to ending the problem.

That is the same theory under which Bush has been operating and Obama promises to operate. If you don't learn from history, you get to relive it and that is what we have in store given the idiocy of our leaders, both Democrat or Republican.


Pub conveniently reads what he wants into other peoples letters. It happens all the time. I can't find where anyone said that FDR caused the depression. But there is debate as to if his policies extended it.

Pub 17

What a maroon. If anybody else is as bored as I am with vacation and is still reading this today, does anyone know what flat-earther goofball came up with the whole FDR-caused-the-Depression fantasy?


To all you hypocrits who claim to be pro-life but still support Bush who is responsible for roughly one million deaths in Iraq I say: Don't write off detractors of Bush with the snide BDS line. If people have grown to hate the man, it is with good cause. The damage his idiotic war has caused the nation is unbelievable.

The deaths, the economy and the fact that we will now have a progressive in the White House who will follow in the failed foot steps of an earlier generations false savior, FDR, has doomed us to a decade of economic hell. Thanks W.

Pub 17

Having something to say would be nice, though, Gary, instead of blowing smoke like a Plymouth Voyager with a couple of bad rings.


I wonder whether Tracy and those like her who suffer from BDS will ever find a cure, or are they doomed to make asinine comments and ridiculous suggestions for the rest of their lives?

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