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December 09, 2008

Second Amendment allows for self-defense

I am not a particularly heroic man. I honestly admit that if I or my loved ones were trapped in a burning building or attacked by armed criminals, I would much prefer that we be saved by the professionals — the fire department or the police, for example. But if the professionals cannot or will not save us, then I pledge that by God I will do what I can to save me and mine.

I believe that the founders of our great America, the brave men and women who struggled, suffered and died in that endeavor, shared my feelings when they wrote the Second Amendment for individuals into the U.S. Constitution.

In contrast, it appears that John R. Ratzlaff (12/3 Opinion, “As I See It: Right to bear arms focused on militias, not individuals”) and most liberals would prefer to perish as helpless victims if the professionals can’t save them.

Larry McMeins



No one has an obligation to protect you or your family except you yourself. The police are a reactive, not a proactive, agency. They will draw a chalk line around your body but they will not protect you. If you are unwilling to protect yourself and yours, that is your decision. But please do not keep on trying to deny me the means to protect myself and mine.


Viet-vet we need to outlaw automobiles then, more people die in automobile accidents than buy gun shot each year.
You see, you expect and trust government because you believe they are the solve all. Many of us understand that is why we need to not let our guard down too far. The punhc that KO's you is the one you don't see.


Define professional? I am prior military and guarantee you I have much more indepth training than most police officers that are no prior military. Self defense is correct, be it against someone breaking in your home, threatening your family or life or rogue government. I dare one of the CDF/OS Thermostat police to come banging on my door.


Ammo Humper you have no idea of what you speak about. I feel sorry for you and your ignorance.

Research (Dr. John Lott, "More Gunds Less Crime") that has been peer reviewed countless times documents that firearms stop crimes and criminals over 1 million times each year.

The Bill of Rights establishes individual rights in every case (assembley, speech, etc.) to construe the right to keep and bear arms as a collective one is a real reach.

If you chose to ignore the facts do so, but kindly spare the rest of us your bilge.


viet-vet, tell me, how can you read the second amendment and NOT come to the conclusion that we, as individuals, DO NOT have the right to bear arms as we wish?

Your argument that in suburbia criminals are few and that the need for a gun may only come once in a life time isn't a good argument. My question to you is, wouldn't you rather have a gun in that once in a lifetime chance than to not have one? At least you might live for a second chance if you did have one.

T. Hanson

To use a gun in self-defense there is one rule that you should follow, and if you can't follow it then you should have never bought it:

Shoot to Kill. The other guy won't be as forgiving.

Art Chick

YOu are right on target this morning, Viet-vet! No pun intended!


People cling to guns for a lot of reasons, but the biggest is fear. And nearly all their fears are unfounded. I smile when I hear my rural suburban neighbors say they keep guns to protect themselves from criminals. Bad guys are rare out here in the hinterlands -- and chances to shoot them happen once in a lifetime, if ever.

Guns are much more likely to be fired in suicides, accidents or domestic violence than against criminals. But we cling to our guns because they make us feel powerful and feed our fantasies of being in control in a chaotic world.

The Bill of Rights? Local militias were important to the Founders because they believed standing armies were natural enemies to freedom. They wanted individuals to have muskets so the militia could be an effective defense.

Unfortunately the gun lobby has interpreted the 2nd Amendment to mean we can have any guns, anytime, anywhere. So our self-inflicted body count keeps climbing.

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