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December 20, 2008

So much suffering in Sudan

In what should be the season of holiness and joy, there is a nation’s worth of displaced people in refugee camps in the Darfur region of war-torn Sudan. Women are assaulted when they venture outside the camps for firewood. Hungry children are dying. Those who stay in their villages risk death from militia raids.

In the face of so much suffering, it can be hard to see how one can make a difference. My hope is that President-elect Obama will be able to work toward peace, with the help of U.S. citizens and the world.

What is one suffering child worth?

We are so accustomed to the familiar picture of a young mother and child on a donkey, led by a watchful father figure, that we may forget the meaning of the event. “The Flight Into Egypt” was a real-life escape from oppression.

Remember, the child Jesus was a refugee.

Janice Stallings
Kansas City



Why would it kill me? I read 4-5 books a week. Seriously. My point being that if it is so bad here, then where else is better?
How many million dollar athletic opportunities are there in Africa? What about music contracts? How many Footlocker stores are there throughout Africa? I wonder how good the cell services is throughout the continent. Sol it simply is not bad here, this is not a mean country that has FINALLY done something right.
It could be worse, many could be back in their countries of origin they are so foond of where opportunity exceeds the worthless United States of America, to the Democracy for which it stands.



I know it might kill you, but read a book on the effects of European colonization on the current state of african politics and economics.


Dan I am beinf facetious. You know with these other countries so full of opportunity, the globe seems to come to usversus these other nations? It is trulky sad, those that were oppresed by slavery could have very well still been living in their countries of origin which would have afforded them by far more opportunity than the USA.

Dan Beyer

America is bad blah, blah, blah.
If you don't like it here move.


Someone please point me to the place in the New Testament where Jesus defines "the least of these" as being Americans first, followed by everyone else if there is anything left over.


True oppresion resides here in this mean and greedy nation run by wealthy white elitist that deny homeloans, jobs and opportunity to other based strictly on the color of their skin. Hopefully Big O will focus on American citizens first as that is the area of responsibility we hold first not global welfare demands. While it is sad and painful to see sufferage in other countries, it is equally sad and painful to see the billions we already address to this cause, often wasted and consumed by politicians.

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