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December 30, 2008

Solis ‘good choice’ for labor secretary

Pam Hettinger (12/28, Letters) is disappointed that President-elect Barack Obama appointed Hilda Solis as labor secretary, because she is Hispanic and said a few words in Spanish.

I think Ms. Solis is a very good choice for the job. I see nothing wrong with anyone saying something in Spanish. Someday we might have a Hispanic president.

Think about it, Ms. Hettinger. The Hispanics are here to stay. If that bothers you that much, maybe you need to find another place to live.

Sam Moten
Marshall, Mo.



Favoring business over labor. Here's a good one. How anbout doing away with businesses then there will be NO labor. Then the whiners in the unions, the one's that ONLY like to allow THEIR gang to work and earn a living, can GFT.



You're being a hypocrite. You ask for evidence that Elaine Chao has run a Labor Dept. that has done the bidding of big business, but then turn around and say Solis will be running a Labor Dept. that does the bidding of the labor unions. There is ample evidence on how Chao has conducted the business of Labor, but may I remind you that Solis hasn't even started the job yet?

Because you agree with Chao's corporate lackey policies, you'll basically let anything she does slide. Solis, on the other hand, hasn't even had a chance to do anything and you're basically calling her a hack and a failure beforehand.

Your own personal definition of "balance" leaves a lot to be desired.


To the contrary, Jim, balance is exactly what I would hope for from a Secretary of Labor (in fact, from any Cabinet officer). I doubt that there will be any balance under Solis. My impression is that Elaine Chao has been an exemplary administrator who could be counted on to listen to all sides. If you disagree, please provide examples where she has favored business over labor in cases where law and good policy clearly should have resulted in an opposite result.


"How you feel about the job she does will most likely be tied to your opinions on this issue."

Very true. My guess is that the hard-line anti-union labor policies of the Bush Administration have been just fine as far as Gary is concerned. His efforts at pretense aside, "balance" is not what Gary is looking for in labor policy.


Sol what is a "good American"? Would it be someone that blames their position in life on Whitey?


Hey I heard the ex say that all the time in her conversations. Don't blame me because I can put two word together. As for Solis, Marctnts is correct, both angles on the selection. So great to see racism as a motivator on who gets selected to a top spot. When someo else does it, they are not racist. I make a joke or don't even use race in a sentence and it's racist.


not shocked you'd know, scumbag'

The sad thing is all the good Americans here who don't take issue with your crap.


Her selection was a smart political move either way. Obama needed latino representation in his administration (since their demographic numbers are projected to explode) and you really can't count a guy with the last name "Richardson", no matter how hispanic he is. It's about VISABILITY.

And Gary's right. Solis' record tends to indicate that she's VERY pro-union. How you feel about the job she does will most likely be tied to your opinions on this issue.


Obama has never taken a stand that is contrary to that of Big Labor. His choice of Hilda Solis, who is Big Labor through and through, confirms that his administration will strongly back union issues and disregard employer points of view. If that's what you want, then she is a good choice. Otherwise, not.


Puta primera


How do you say "First Ho" in Spanish?


Why is she a good choice for the job, based on what criteria?
As for sepaking Spanish, I agree that we have a large Hispanic population base and there is nothing wrong with that so long as they are legal and ALSO speak English. If yo are going to live here, learn the language just as we would have to to if we lived in a country in Latin America.

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