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December 14, 2008

Take TVs out of kids’ rooms

Make Feb. 17 “National Get TV Out of Your Kid’s Room Day.”

On Feb 17, 2009, you will no longer be able to watch TV without a converter box, cable or satellite TV.

Educators agree that a TV in a child’s bedroom is generally a bad thing. TVs are not helpful for studying, sleep or family behavior. Many people now have a TV in their kid’s room and wish they could get it out.

I suggest we use the Feb. 17 date as an excuse to get the TVs out of our kids’ rooms.

Take back control! Your kids will thank you later.

Christopher Korth
Kansas City


mike d

My honor student daughter is going to be pissed when I take her tv out of her room. And Whispering, cable news (and local too) is the last thing I want my kids watching. They show way too much violence, they rarely report good news and it gives kids the false impression that the world is in extreme peril at all times. Do you think that could be why "they" always say that everyone is "afraid" because of _______ (fill in the blank)? I don't want my kids to be "afraid" of anything, especially those things they can't control. That kind of fear is a waste of time.


Hey, kids NEED televisions in their rooms. How else are they going to see those "get out and play an hour a day" commercials?


whispering - I take it you weren't up late last night to see who won "Survivor"?


Get TV out of your kid's room? How about get it out of their lives instead?

TV is only good for cable news and the occasional old movie. Thank goodness for MSNBC, CNN, TCM and AMC.

Broadcast TV is a wasteland. It's only purpose is ... mind numbing.


3 for 3 so far........

T. Hanson

The kid does not need cable! Having only 4 or 5 selections on TV reduced the viewing time for me when I was younger.


Marctnts - that was my reaction as well.


"Many people now have a TV in their kid’s room and wish they could get it out."

If a parent "can't" remove a TV from their child's room if they so desire, I think the effect of that type of parenting would be more detrimental than any TV ever could.

You're the parent, not them. It's not your job to be their friend, it's your job to be their parent. Simply unplug the set, explain why you have made the decision (and why they don't have a say in the matter) and leave it at that.


I used to love having a tv in my room when I was younger, now I could care less. I may watch the one in my room about 5% of the time I spend watching tv, at most.

Probably has to do with the lack of quality programming anymore and having more of a life, while enjoying being outdoors more often

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