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December 12, 2008

Unemployed and uninsured

Now I get it! As unemployment surges to unspeakable heights, my nearly two-month search for employment borders on the edge of panic. Highs and lows of multiple job search engines have provided me with more thrills than a roller coaster ride. Being acrophobic, it scares me to death.

But nothing compares to my search for health benefits for me and my two college-age children.

Sorting through various options with an insurance agent, one thing is adamantly clear: To receive adequate health coverage, my monthly premium will run between $670 and $1,300.

Given those parameters, my savings will deplete faster than you can say “health-care reform.”

Lenny Corso



Hey, Lenny:

Unemployment hasn't surged to "unspeakable heights." Gary is right; it was higher during the Clinton years. In 1982, it was near 10 percent (we're at 6.8 percent now); and the labor force has grown 50 percent since then.

We'll see if you're singing the same unemployment blues once B Hussein becomes President. I have a feeling that all the doom and gloom will disappear at 11:15 a.m. CST on January 20, 2009.


Lenny it sounds like you are an American in need of some help from others, maybe this will help: I found several plans that are well under $400/month, not knowing your age and pre-existing, I had to take a guess. So I based a quote on your DOB say 1960 and two college kids age 18 and 19, one female and one male. LAso put you as a tobaccoo user to incorporate the rating on that.
The plans range from $162/mo and up, some are better than other so yes you have to ask questions and do some homework as well as look at whether your physician accepts that insurance. www.ehealthinsurance.com
Next, depending on your skills sets, there are plentiful jobs available. The media is a doom and gloom media on one side while catering to something of euphoria on the other. Be realistic, there are plenty of jobs you mau have to do somehting different or even take a little lesser pay or you may negotiate higher pay, it is all up to you.
My recommendation would be to utilize every resource you can, go to recuruiters and headhunters that do not charge you a fee and let them do the leg work, often they find better paying positions and get you through the stacks of paper tiger resumes and in front of decision makers.

I am not trying to beat you up, some of us are fortunate to be in damn near recession proof industries like infrastructure. (YEs, in we have been doing infrastructre work long before the Messiah became Pres-elect.)
To that end, no worries, you can count on a bridge or road woroker job to be opening up soon or one of these fictional :green" jobs that are supposedly everyone is waiting in line for.


Lenny if you children are enrolled at a 4 year state university, they generally not only have but require the student pruchase a healthcare plan through the university.
Healthcare plans are in place for catastrophic not for getting a low co-pay. Unfortunate that many think a low co-pay is what you shoot for. Lenny depending on your age and health, you shold be able to get a decent plan through BCBS or some other major administrator for less than $400 per month, granted it will not have zero co-pay and allow for breast augmentation but it will cover you if God forbid something catastrophic happens. Secoondly there are plenty of jobs available. When your kid scores a 93% on their final in college, you best scald them and tell them their college days are over with a poor grade like that.
Do the math, if you have a room of 1000 people, 70 of them may not be employed and of that 35 of them are static. There hjas NEVER and will there EVER be a 100% employment figure. YOu can not force every willing and able person to work. Again there are plenty of good paying jobs and even more mediocre paying jobs, I have worked two or more jobs to make ends meet.
or you can sit around and blame Bush. Funny thing is, I worked theose multiple jobs when Clinton was President, so I guess that makes him a bad President because I did not have it easy?


"unemployment surges to unspeakable heights?" I don't think so! First, it has been much higher, most recently in the early 1990's under Clinton. Second, how can something that everybody is yammering about be called unspeakable?


... when I was "college age" I supplied my own health care coverage - as well as food and clothing. Be thankful you have a savings to deplete, Lenny.

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