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December 29, 2008

Update Missouri voting procedures

Last month’s election exit polls predicted the presidential winner quite well, for the most part. States came in quite quickly with predictions, except for Missouri. It was an extremely close race within the state, and it took several days to declare who won Missouri.

I have heard of many complications within the voting system. Many recently registered voters didn’t show up on the lists, and their votes were crucial to the race. Missouri needs to put aside money to update its voting system and decrease ballot confusion. Early voting should be permitted for the elderly or those who don’t have transportation. Also, the ballot needs to be presented more clearly, and we need a universal method throughout the entire state to speed up counting.

Missouri usually has a huge role in presidential elections, so it is essential to increase the efficiency of our system.

Katie Gassman



My character was being employed, not seeding the ventures or being one of the wigs at the top of the food chain, just an IT guy making a less than modest living. You know, it's called a job, work, employment. You should try it some time Pubic. Try Googleing "employment".
George Soros funded 3 of the ventures I worked for, all of htem ended up doing what they intended to do, such is life in business. I guess we should have had a union to hold our binkies. I did not do drugs during that time of my life, I didn't make enough to afford cocaine and made to much to get welfare, nor would I ask for welfare. Smoke and mirrors, exactly what government has become.

Pub 17

If you used to work in the dot.coms, that shows YOUR character: smoke, mirrors, and lots of cocaine.


I never said the entire country is spending their welfare checks at the casino. We are taxed to death, the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. Granted we are lower on invidual income taxation than some countries howver when use an accumulative figure of taxtaion, we are pretty high considering. Progressive tax structure is ineffective and very unfair. Flat tax is the most fair. As for handouts, you don't think foodstamps are a handout and you think EVERY person that receives them is in need? There's a sucker born everyday. of course you used to peddle used cars, so that pretty much shows your character. That profession ranks just above lawyers and politicians. You know what Harry Truman once said.

Pub 17

Then stop pretending that everything is wrong with this country except hardworking you. You have NOTHING good to say about the United States: it's corrupt, it's taxed to death, nothing works, the whole country is looking for a handout, the whole country is spending every waking hour blowing its welfare checks at the casinos. Whine, snivel, bitch, 24/7.


Who said this country is mean in a public forum in front of cameras? I am a natural born citizen, a veteran, a taxpayer and I will go no where. I have every right to ask for accountability in and by government.
When audits find fraud, you think nothing should be done? Seems to me maybe the UAW types and the so called oppressed should GTFO. After all, it is soooooo bad here with the corporations and greedy oil companies. Why don't you and the greenies, [EDITED BY MODERATOR] slave victims, and the rest that hate a free market Republic to which it stands, GTFO!
I would be fine with tax money being spent moving your a$$ to France.

Pub 17

Not much of a party, Rouge. I don't think the entire Energized Base will even fill up the Original Maverick anymore.


When are you leaving Pubes? Let us know we will all have a party.

Pub 17

What a terrible country! You've suffered long enough, Nice Guy. Look harder and find a wonderful country to live in that doesn't torture you so with such deceit and unfairness. Move, and see if you can do it quickly.


Like it really matters. The Top Clown is picked long before there is an election. This is a mechanism used to sooth us into believeing we actually have a say in things. We don't. Government and special interests (bribers) do as they please, with little if any accountability.


"Also, the ballot needs to be presented more clearly,..."

I'm not sure what ballot this woman used, but mine seemed clear enough. How confusing are the words "President of the United States, Choose One" with big blank ovals next to the names? Maybe we need picture ballots with big red X's and O's.

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