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December 08, 2008

U.S. must help manage crisis in Zimbabwe

With so many problems at home, it is easy to lose sight of world issues. Yet events such as those occurring in Zimbabwe are impossible to ignore (12/4, A-11, “Zimbabwe police break up protest; A human rights activist is abducted from her home amid the new crackdown on dissent”).

Health care in Zimbabwe is abysmal. There is no public access, and there are no medicines available to the general population. All medical schools and major hospitals have been closed for weeks.

A cholera epidemic — the result of a collapse of the entire country’s infrastructure — has claimed more than 500 lives. Attempts by the medical community to request assistance are being met with violent, government-sanctioned responses. Estimates by non-governmental organizations suggest that half of the country’s population will require food assistance as soon as next year.

As an American medical student, I am moved by the conditions that my peers face. We must stand up to support health professionals throughout the world.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the U.S. State Department must do something to help manage this situation before it becomes so unstable that it compromises the entire region.

Kyle Berens
Kansas City, Kan.


Stifled Freedom

I will say that the only time I hear about it is someone in the media claims the army is raping the local women....the sex....otherwise the media deosn't care.


You now what they say about opinions Pub.
At least I am not a commie or a socialist that expect Uncle Sam or someone else to pay my bills or provide for my family.
If you want to waste your money on Africa, then go ahead.

Pub 17

And the President. Go back on the road, Nice Guy, you're getting stale.


Indeed, if there not something to benfit some special interest, self serving politician or half truth media outlet, what's the use. Plus, why would any African nation want whitey coming to the rescue, in case they have not heard, we are a racist, mean country of no opportunity except for wealthy whites.

Stifled Freedom

No money, no oil and no sex Zimbabwe. No reason for the govt to intervene. No reason for the media to care. No headlines!!


Why is this our job to "fix" their infrastructure? We give more than ANY other nation yet see very little resolution after decades. Maybe many of these poverty stricken, volatile and ever increasing populous nations such as Zimbabwe should practice birth control versus expecting the USA to bail them out as well. Do they not realize we are in the process of nationalizing or own country?


The US "must" do nothing for them. Maybe we should. Maybe it would be nice. Maybe it would be beneficial to us in some way. But we "must" do nothing.


This is a job for the UN, not for any idividual nation. Lets see if the world organization can handle anything in addition to passing out flour and water to refugees.

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