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December 05, 2008

War in Iraq bankrupts America

Tom McClanahan (11/23, Opinion, “Obama is being handed good options on Iraq”) echoes the claim of correspondent Michael Yon that “the war is over and we won.” We can always count on Mr. McClanahan to be the uber Bush apologist.

If only the American public had this information before Nov. 4, the outcome of the election may have been different. We should remember that we have previously been told by President Bush that victory was secure via his “mission accomplished” celebration 561/27 years ago.

McClanahan, like many conservative Republicans, remains oblivious to the reality shared in opinion by many Americans that this war was illegal, unnecessary, incompetently managed and has led to the bankruptcy of America financially and morally. In the eyes of most of the world it has greatly damaged our reputation and status as a great nation.

This war has been “won” by only a few: Halliburton, Blackwater, defense contractors and the other corporate cronies of the Bush administration. McClanahan’s claim is like saying that FDR had only to lose the golden opportunity to further a prosperous economy bequeathed to him by prior Republican free marketers as he took office in 1933.

J. Martin Kerr



Howl and whine all you want, but what Obama is going to do will be about the same as what McCain would have done. Every one is looking for a suitable and workable way out of the problem. Let us hope Obama brings more to the table than that world class colossal ego and second rate mind, FDR.

Pub 17

EL-please see my reply to you back at the beginning of the letters.


Pub 17

I SAID if dems believe the Iraq war is wrong and immoral THEN they are immoral hypocrites for continuing to fund it, at an even higher rate.
That is exactly lime me condemning your neighbor for burning your house while giving hem even more gasoline to continue his crimes.

ANYONE in congress who opposes Bush on Iraq then increases funding to avoid being called names is letting young men die to protect his political career. That defines a hypocrite. And giving someone even more money to continue an immoral defines immoral.

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Just in case anybody's forgotten. And Bush fell for it.


Osama knew he could never beat us face to face, mano a mano. He could only draw us into a fight and then hide in his cave, depending on us to wear ourselves out as we raced around in the fruitless search for him, to spend ourselves into bankruptcy and distraction.

Of course, his scheme could only work if he could count on our leadership to be stupid enough to fall into his trap. In Bush and the Neocons, Osama found his perfect foils.

Only a few more weeks and Hoover returns to Texas and FDR takes the helm.

It's worth pointing out that both of the patriots Halliburton and Blackwater have established off-shore subsidiaries to avoid paying taxes on their earnings from Uncle Sam. How disgusting is that?

Pub 17

By God, EL, you're the only person I know to have the courage to say that unless you want to be called an immoral hypocrite, you should cut off funding for troops in the field. Keep at it, you're an inspiration to fruitbats and mooncalves everywhere.


We know you worship all democrats and hate Bush, but FACE FACTS. At any time in the past 5 years congress could have ended the war. Dems have controlled congress for two years, yet they voted even more money for Iraq. If they oppose Bush and yet give him even more war money, they are immoral hypocrites.

"could have ended it at any time by cutting off funds. As could have the republican congress for the first three" DID YOU READ THIS?


The concepet of victory and defeat in war isn't what it used to be. No Bush surrogate or anyone in the Administration has ever offered up a definition of "victory in Iraq". Not even McCain or Palin would touch that one during the campaign. No one wins or loses in today's wars; they just drag on and on...go dormant...and start up again.

Pub 17

Hey, Rogue, you been to a DAV meeting recently to tell them they're all a bunch of whiners with their hands out?

I didn't think so.


The leftist weenies who continually whine about the War on Terror on here need to spend a few days outside on the line in Afghanistan and Iraq. Hey Ammor Humper, you been to Riley yet to tell all the guys their sacrifice means nothing?

I didn't think so.


We do not know what data Bush was presented, while I did not endorse the invasion of Iraq, Bush does not have full power within the government. Compared to Vietnam, he fouled up a lot less than LBJ did. What excuses will be made for BHO when he decides we should take elad into Pakistan or Iran or some African nation?


So ... Bush is a foulup, but since Congress was unable to fix his mistakes THEY are to blame?

Wow, nice logic pretzel you've baked there EL.


Bush fouled up big time in Iraq but congress, controlled by liberal democrats for two years, could have ended it at any time by cutting off funds. As could have the republican congress for the first three years.

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