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December 08, 2008

Why Obama won

Karl Rove wants to tell us that he knows why Barack Obama won the election. He points to the fact that Obama spent so much more money than his Republican opponent was able to do.

To Mr. Rove, I ask this question: Which came first? Obama’s message of hope and change or the political donations made to his campaign? Here, let me help you, Mr. Rove. In fact, neither came first.

What came first was President Bush’s message of despair and ineptitude.

Richard L. Strickland


Pub 17

Depends on whether Obama wants to continue the ridiculous war in Iraq or not.


"the economy finally breaking down due to the ridiculous borrowing". Boy if you thimk President Bush ran deficits, wait tilll you see Obama's first year. Actually I don't believe the deficits had anything to do with the breakdown.

Pub 17

Yeah, that Clinton up there at the U of Chicago, espousin' de glories of de market economy to all God's chillun, and of course the Republican Party fighting him all the way. Nothing makes a Republican crazier than an unregulated banking system.


So was much of the housing crisis.

Pub 17

It was entirely due to Bill Clinton.


McCain had no appeal and did not take advantage of pointing out the many involved in the housing crash nor those on the otherside of the isle that benefited politically and monetarily for lack of oversight. Regardless of who ran on the (R) ticket and regardless of who ran on the (D) ticket, the D's were going to get it by default. When you have a media that is lopsided and a society that is a majority of entitlement thinkers, what can you expect? McCain continaully failed to address the real issues. He focused entirely too much on bipartisanship, government buying deadbeat's debt and Iraq.
It was story time for Obama, many voted for him because he was black (race based voting), many voted for him because he is a liberal Democrat (party and ideological voting), some voted for him to spite the Repubs and many simply voted for him because they are retarded.


Yep, and no one appears to understand that the economy finally breaking down due to the ridiculous borrowing spree of the Republicans is all the fault of the......Democrats!

Bush set a record for incompetance unmatched in our nation's history. The people did what they could. They punished his party.

T. Hanson

I would say that McCain may have had the election if the last week of September did not happen. The economy tanked and it left anyone running for the Republican ticket in a bad position (vica versa if it was a Democrat in office at the time).

Obama's campaign did what everyone is taught in chess; move a piece only once and never back and take advantage on your opponent’s weakness.

Art Chick

Get him, Richard!

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