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December 07, 2008

Why put FDA office in China?

Why should we, the U.S. taxpayers, fund an FDA Office in China? (11/20, A-14)

If they can’t guarantee the quality of their exports, we should buy from somewhere else — preferably a country that is not run by communists.

Amy Brown



So China is unionized? This is news to me.

Stifled Freedom

You can claim jurisdictional issues, but Congress will fix that. They will pass a new law giving themselves jurisdiction in China.....and starting doing it anyway. Afterall, lead paint and tainted infant milk are nothing compared to the immoralities of adult sex.

Stifled Freedom

This is just a convenient excuse to get our foot in the door in China. I wonder how long it will be before US authorities are raiding massage parlors over there.

Pub 17

??? Reagan said communism is dead. You mean it isn't? Good thing we have laws in place preventing them from buying our securities.

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