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January 22, 2009

Auto show coverage

There were dozens of significant vehicle introductions at this year’s Detroit auto show, as well as the newsworthy honor bestowed on the locally built Ford F-150. The F-150 was chosen by a panel of 50 automotive journalists as the 2009 North American Truck of the Year. The criteria for winning included innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction and value.

After returning from the show and getting caught up on my reading of The Star, I expected at least a mention of some of the more innovative vehicles introduced. On 1/13 The Star had a mention of the Prius (Business, “Upgraded Prius introduced”), as if that were the only auto news of the day. On 1/14 another article featuring the Prius appeared in the Business section.

For the record, there were new model introductions by: Lincoln, Cadillac, Ford, Chrysler, Buick, Lexus, Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, Kia, Bentley, Mini, Subaru, Jaguar, Maserati, Fisker, Audi, Volvo, BYD and Jaguar. We get two articles about the Prius.

Tom Fournier
Kansas City


red rover

f150, atta boy nice guy. And why don't you tell your union customers what you really think of them? Now who is the hypcorite?????? Their money IS good enough for you.


Well Mr. Mike, I drive a decked out F-150 for your information, although i would rather have a new Tundra that is 90% of American origin in parts and 100% assembled here. Unfortunately I deal with a fair amount of union companies, thus have to hold concern for their childish behavior should I arrive in a "non-union" product.
Of course little they realize, the majority of their technology, computers, cell phones and other electronic components they utilize makes them ignroant hypcorites.

red rover

No matter how we bend the figures to suit our needs, as far as helping kansas city keep its economy going, somehow I can't be convinced that buying a toyota is going to help to do this more than buying a Ford or GM product. Buy what you want, just be ready for a depression if Ford or GM goes under.
Everybody would be proud of me. I rode in a new tundra recently. I sold a large travel trailer to a guy who I rode with to pick it up from storage. Very low mileage, squeaks, rattles, so much noise in the cab we could hardly hear each other talk, so much cold air coming in around the door, I had to ask him turn to turn up the heat. The truck seldom got into high gear as it struggled to pull the 4500# unit and he had to rely heavily on the trailer brakes to stop the combo. My 2006 Chevy pickup made this tundra look pretty bad.



In his own odd way, I think NMMNG was trying to continue the conversation from yesterday about the "Be Patriotic, Buy American" letter, and his point is valid.

Here's the list (about 18 months old) of the domestic US content of cars produced for US sale by the major auto manufacturers:

GM: 80%

Ford: 80%

Toyota: 76.3%

Chrysler: 71.3%

Honda: 59%

Further, acording to the same study, the aggregate total US content of vehicles manufactured within the US by foreign-owned companies was 66.2%, only about 13% behind the US-owned companies total of 79.4%.

So, if you really want to argue the merits of "Buy American" rhetoric, you'd be better off buying a Toyota than a Chrysler, and there's not really much difference between buying a Toyota and a Ford. Doesn't fit into your model of "domestic good, foreign bad", does it?

red rover

Once again, nice guy, thanks for your standard reply.
The Star has never really been friendly towards the two local auto plants and I'm sure if either or both were to close, employee's, such as myself that subscribe to the star will return the favor by cancelling our subscriptions.
I'm not sure how the tundra is oh so American, but it's not built in KC, so a purchase of this truck would not help FMC or the local employees of this plant, but I'm sure, nice guy, considering how ever you make your living, UAW money coming your way is just as good as any other money.


Maybe because not as many people want to drive a Prius as the liberal left demands. As for the F-150, it is assembled here but the Toyota Tundra is more American overall than any of the Big 3 and it is assembled in the U.S. as well. Of course people that are not UAW memebers are unimportnant.

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