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January 21, 2009

Be American, buy American

Wake up America: Whatever happened to “Be American, buy American?” Think about this when you are driving around in your foreign brand automobile. Where do you think the profits go?

I am proud to be driving my Chevy Tahoe, which is a great vehicle, and I will continue to avoid buying products from foreign-owned companies. Be patriotic and buy “Made in the USA.”

Ed Linton


Art Chick

hokay, Ed... ...WHERE?? I trust you NEVER shop at Walmart, right???
get yer research done before you go admonishing others. This just makes you look uninformed and holier=than-thou.


I have owned the following vehicles:

75 Chevy Monza (built in Canada)
77 Pontiac Astre (Canada)
85 Dodge Omni America (Mitsubishi parts, assembled by Volkswagen, in Pennsylvania)
93 Ford Tempo (built in Mexico)
01 Pontiac Grand Am (back to Canada--I think)

So you tell me, what exactly IS an "American made car"?


How did the novel "Gone With The Wind" start? With a statement that ended 'Look for them no more, for they are gone with the wind"? This is the case with the very highly paid semi-skilled jobs that were available in this country for decades. We are now part of a global economy and those days are gone. But people are, and will remain, bitter about this fact. I think that this is the writer's case and the case of a large number of others.


Damn you Sammy! Keep your stinking pinko comments to yourself!

Hey, another point I love to argue is when one is presented with the "well even though they build Honda here, the profits go to Japan" schpeill. I'm pretty sure Honda or Nissan have some of their cash reserves tied up in US T-Bill. Similarly, I think it's safe to say that GM has a portion of your hard earned American dollars tied up in foriegn interests.


"Where do you think the profits go?" -Ed

To shareholders of those publicly traded corporations. Ed - If you own a mutual fund chances are you own a piece of those "foreign brand" car companies. So, some of those profits go to you.

This is another interesting double standard. Why is it patriotic to ask Americans to drive vehicles they perceive as inferior, but I got a feeling I would draw hostile fire by suggesting that it's unpatriotic to produce vehicles that can't compete effectively with other brands?


Toyota Tundra, more American made than any of the Big 3. FACT! Built here and 90% of the parts are manufactured here. Ford F-150 may say Proudly Built in Claycomo, however the assembly was Claycomo, you have to look at the origin of parts which should be identified on every vehicle. All GM and Mopar products should have a sticker that says "Paid For BY U.S. Taxpayers".


I owned a '96 Chevy Tahoe Sport and I am pretty sure that it was made in Mexico... Ed must be one confused fellow. He wears "Made in the U.S.A." on his forehead but says he will avoid products from foreign-owned companies. Tens of thousands of Americans are employed by Honda, Toyota, BMW, Kia... and I'm probably forgetting one or two. Two-thirds of "foreign cars" here in the U.S. are produced by Americans... Next time, Ed: THINK!!!

Pub 17

Then there was the day I was confronted by a nice old guy on the lot with his "American-made" Plymouth Horizon (remember those, or have years of therapy helped you forget?) I showed him the "VW" stamped on the engine block, "Peugeot" stamped on the automatic transmission housing, and "Bramford [Ontario]" on the build sticker. Gave me a good feeling, crushing the spirit of a guy twice my age. Good practice for dealing with Rouge.


Stupid letter, everyone else on earth knows about the car industry but Ed? There is a global aspect to car manufacturing that he ignores.

Where something is built and who eventually profits goes way beyond "Buy American".


"Be patriotic and buy “Made in the USA.”"

Translation: Don't hold American companies accountable for the quality and/or cost of what they produce. Rather, give them a pass since, after all, they're "one of us".

I wonder if Mr. Linton feels that foreign citizens should do the same thing? After all, the foreign divisions of US manufacturers are the only ones that are profitable.


But, the supervisors at GM's Silao Assembly might be Americans.

So, your Tahoe might be "made in Mexico by Mexicans supervised by Americans".


Better check the inside of your driver's door, Ed.

If it has a "Built with Pride by the UAW - Arlington Assembly" sticker there, then you've bought American made.

If no sticker is proudly displayed, odds are that your truck was made in Silao, Mexico.

If it was made in Mexico, you'll have to dig out the Monroney sticker and find the assembly point in fine print at the bottom of the label. GM doesn't make "Made in Mexico" as easy to find as it does "Made in the USA".

If your Tahoe is of recent vintage (the last few years) and sold in KC, it's probably Mexican.

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