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January 10, 2009

‘Bored’ with convenience at KCI

I agree with the letter writer (1/3) who said it’s time to bulldoze the three KCI Airport terminals.

As a longtime flyer, I am growing bored with KCI’s excellent service, easy access to ticket counters, quick and simple security screening, uncomplicated luggage return and convenient parking. I long for the pushy crowds, long waits, half-mile walks, impossible parking and palpable anxiety of the big centralized terminal systems like Chicago’s O’Hare, Atlanta’s Hartsfield or California’s Los Angeles International Airport.

So bring on the bulldozers, and let the excitement of chaos begin!

Shirley Phillips



Nothing beats the experience of the tunnel trip out to United's Concourse C at O'Hare.

The flashing neon lights and the soft, piped in Muzak. Gliding along at 5mph for what seems like "miles" on the subterranean people movers.




I'd challenge you to write anything as intelligent and engaging as that.

Pub 17

Keerist I hate it when Rouge says something I'm forced to agree with. I just got to jog from one end of Salt Lake City's airport to the other, and it was just really great, because they have so many happy vendors who would have been so inconvenienced by breaking it up into three or four subterminals.


Way to go Shirley! Wish I had wrote that!


I know its early January but I nominate Shirley Phillips of Stilwell, Ks for Satirical KCI letter of 2009.

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