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January 24, 2009

Bush did keep America safe

I couldn’t agree more with Lee Judge’s 1/20 cartoon. George Bush did keep us safe — no small feat.

None of us can possibly fathom the gravity of being in his shoes on 9/11. While most of us returned to the normalcy of our lives, President Bush could not. No leader in our recent history faced an enemy of this nature. I ask anyone to consider how they would shoulder the daunting responsibility of protecting the greatest nation and leader of the free world against people who continually strive for new ways to deliver evil and hate.

Speaking only for myself, I say thank you, President Bush. As you ushered in a new administration, you handled yourself with such grace, class and dignity. As an American, I am rooting for a successful Obama presidency, but I don’t believe you have to malign another president in the process.

Godspeed to the Bushes and good luck to the Obamas.

Kate Pithan

The Star’s lead editorial on 1/18 (Opinion, “A legacy diminished by mistakes and arrogance”) was as mean-spirited and rude as the thousands who jeered and mocked President Bush at the inauguration ceremonies Tuesday. It was arrogance on the part of the author of this piece to believe he or she had more knowledge about decisions that were made to guarantee our national security than those whose daily focus had to be on very real threats.

What an enormous burden for Bush to bear to succeed at keeping us safe for eight years, yet be constantly ridiculed by the press for failures that were never solely his. My parents taught me long ago that popular opinion is a poor indicator of wise choices. Thank goodness we had President Bush for eight years and that he never counted his success by his standing in the polls or with the major media. I wish him all the best.

Dawn Bullok


Pub 17

Thus confirming my conviction that little Arminius is three Sociology majors at Penn Valley goofing on a laptop in the coffee lounge.


Pub 17:

"I'm saying he and I have been on the outs since I moved back to Kansas, he doesn't call, and I, like you, am waiting to see what happens."

Why don't you leave Kansas again. It would raise the average IQs of both states.



"It's apparently lost on Arminius that being armed did not keep 4,000+ Marines and soldiers from being killed in Iraq -- a war fought by choice, not necessity."

Yes, if they were unarmed, fewer would have been killed.



"Perhaps you could shed a light on us where those other attacks were that we simply didn't hear about."

Pick up a newspaper. For one thing, while you were patting George on the back for protecting the Motherland from the A Rabs, George's WASP friends stepped in and stole your retirement funds while you weren't looking.

More conventional attacks come nearly everyday but the action is a long way from JoCo. Never the less, they're still "attacks on America" as we all suffer from the violence.

"UnfetteredSucks" sounds familiar. I wonder what your other IDs are.

Pub 17

You HAVEN'T heard the one about lion repellent, have you?


""Bush did keep America safe."

No Mooslem A Rabs have attacked Johnson County, KS. Thus, JoCo is "safe".

JoCo = America.

Conclusion: America is safe"

Perhaps you could shed a light on us where those other attacks were that we simply didn't hear about.


whispering continues to write as usual. No one really knows or cares what he is saying.


Rome is afire. Kate and Dawn are sitting on a hill in Lenexa with George and his violin.

Kate/Dawn turn to George and compliment him on his fiddling and thank him for keeping them warm as they enjoy the pretty flames.

Pub 17

I'm saying he and I have been on the outs since I moved back to Kansas, he doesn't call, and I, like you, am waiting to see what happens. In the meantime I'm catching up on some great sci-fi I read as a kid in the fifties, and trying to get the grout onto the new tile in the bathroom.


Pub 17
You are saying he came in with no idea of how he was going to do the things he was promising?

Pub 17

Jeez, engineer, chill. He's been in office less than a week.


Pub 17
You "Proclaimers of defeat" are now in power. How are you going to correct the situation? What new, determined effort is being organized to capture Bin Linden? Does anyone have any idea as to how Gitmo is to be closed? Does anyone have any idea about how "change" is to be brought about or what it will be? As the old saying goes, the ball is now in your court. Time to stop whining about what has been done and start telling us what will be done.


"Bush did keep America safe."

No Mooslem A Rabs have attacked Johnson County, KS. Thus, JoCo is "safe".

JoCo = America.

Conclusion: America is safe.

Rome is afire. Kate and Dawn are sitting on a hill in Lenexa with George and his violin. Kate/Dawn turn to George and compliment him on his fiddling as they enjoy the pretty flames.

Pub 17

One more noncombatant who thinks that torture provides worthwhile intel. No answer for that one, eh, smart guy--when did we finally get the Mexican border sealed?


Pubs back. All the idiots of the world can now rejoice.

On another note. Like it or not, Bush did keep us safe. It's Obama's watch now. Any attack on us, with his relaxing the ability for us to get information will be seen as his fault. His policies ultimately depend on no more attacks against the country. One dirty bomb and he will be seen as an idiot.

Pub 17

Lovely sentiment, but George left office trying to shovel last-minute regulations into the system that he KNEW would be reversed, because George knew best. He left, not quietly, but vigorously defending the policies of his adminstration. If Osama wanted to blow something up he'd have blown something up. All the shoe-removing, violation of civil rights, and tens of billions of dollars thrown at the problem didn't close the southern border. A terrorist can come across the desert with impunity almost as easily as in 2000.

So my remarks stand. Osama blew something up to get our attention, then spent the next seven years succeeding at exactly what he said was his goal: bankrupting this country by bleeding it white.


As the letter writer, it is clear by reading some the comments in this blog that perhaps my message was lost. I realize the mere mention of GWB's name opens a can of worms for many people. My letter was not intended to be a referendum on the legacy of GWB. Print media, digital media, blogs, and private citizens have been debating his policies ad nauseum for the last 8 years. Quite frankly, I think we've all had enough of that in our daily lives.

If the message of Obama is that we are to move forward, then my point was to do just that....move forward! I am GLAD so many people in this country feel hopeful and inspired by him...join a civic group, mentor a child, reach out to someone in need, be an informed citizen, go back to school, engage in civil debate, or do whatever it is that makes this life meaningful for you. If the future is about Change We Can Believe In, than fundamentally change must begin with US, the people, and the discourse we have with one another. I think you can support Obama without continuing to malign a person who is no longer in office and who has been buried in endless criticism.

You don't have to like GWB. Many do not - we get that, over and over and over again. But my children went to bed each night not knowing what a terrorist attack was or what a suicide bomber is and he did handle himself with such grace under fire as he passed the baton the Obama...something I am personally grateful for. There are many things I disagreed with GWB about, things I was disappointed in, and things that made me downright livid. I am sure the same will be true for an Obama presidency. No president can please everyone all of the time.

You can speak your mind - it's your priviledge and your right. But please, fellow citizens, let's be respectful, avoid personal attacks, and quit debating the past. I personally believe that what you say about others and how you say it often times says more about you than it does about the other person.

It has been said that time is a far better judge than we are. Let it simply be so. As I said before, Godspeed to the Bushes and good luck to the Obamas.

Pub 17

So this cop's walking down a dark street late at night, and there's a guy on his hands and knees under a streetlamp, crawling around. The cop asks him what he thinks he's doing? The guy says, "I lost my wallet and I'm looking for it." "Oh," says the cop, "Here, let me help," and starts to get down on his hands and knees. "Thanks, but don't bother," the guy says. "I lost it over there in the alley." The cop stands up, a little irritated. "Then what the hell are you doing over here?" "The light's better."

But, hey, George isn't worried about bin Laden in any case.


I am SO with Pub on all of this. A fuse was lit on 9-11-01 and bin Laden and Co. have only had to sit back and watch the successive explosions. In the aftermath of the initial blast came nationwide PTSD, a national mental breakdown, widespread paranoia and anxiety. The markets crashed and nearly burned in late 2001 nad 2002, and again in 2008 and 2009.

The president and his administration focused obsessively on their war on terror, neglecting domestic problems to fester. Healthcare was not addressed. Infrastrusture was only on his radar after a power grid breakdown or bridge collapse. While most Americans thought the economy was stagnant or weakening, Bush painted a rosier picture...until nine months after the recession began, he finally admitted we were in one. One in ten homes is now in danger of being foreclosed; bankruptcy attorneys are doing a booming business.

(Now this is where NMMNG argues that since people are still gambling and going to restaurants, the economy is in great shape. Hey, stuff it, Wee Man.)

Let me tell you, we now have a whole generation of children who are terrified. They have every reason to feel insecure, and boy, do they ever. They will carry these feelings of anxiety and insecurity into their adult lives. They are scared their parents will lose their jobs, that they'll lose their homes, that they'll have to move away from their friends...things children should never have to fear. Or adults either, for that matter.

I've said it all along, and I'll repeat it here. THERE ARE FAR WORSE THINGS THAN A TERRORIST ATTACK. We're experiencing them now. No, Mr. Bush did not keep us safe.

Pub 17

Since MrNiceGuy went to Vaterott and flunked, he knows something about higher education.

Like how to spell.
"promiscuius hip hop lifetsyles"

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