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January 25, 2009

Buy American

Wake up America: Whatever happened to “Be American, buy American?” Think about this when you are driving around in your foreign brand automobile. Where do you think the profits go?

I am proud to drive my Chevy Tahoe, which is a great vehicle, and will continue to avoid buying products from foreign-owned companies. Be patriotic and buy “Made in the USA.”

Ed Linton



"I still find it amazing the amount of ill will many in KC wish upon GM and Ford and the UAW."

It's not about ill-will. I personally hope that the Big Three survive and thrive, as a part of the great manufacturing legacy of the US.

I won't, however, excuse ill conceived and illogical arguments about the patriotism of "Buy American" campaigns. As has been pointed out many times here, even GM and Ford recognize the place of foreign markets (and production) in their business models.

The xenophobic and isolationist types of thinking that breed the "us good, them bad" mentality that is behind many of the feux-patriotism cries will do nothing to stem the tide of global trends, it's simply encourages us stick our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away.

And yeah, I think the Malibu is a great looking car. I'm not sure it makes my list of next vehicles, but there are a few Big Three models on it (not because they're domestic, but because they seem to be good cars).

red rover

Casady, thanks for the words of encouragement. Of course the first order of business is to hope GM stays in business as that employment is my livelihood. The UAW won't survive without GM surviving.
I still find it amazing the amount of ill will many in KC wish upon GM and Ford and the UAW. It must be comforting knowing that these people feel they will not be touched financially by these companies demise.

Pub 17

Go to that link below, Tracee. It's fascinating; again, remember that "domestic" means "North American," not "U.S."

Art Chick

Buy American??? WHERE??
In that case, never go to Walmart!
Their motto could well be: "Save money, buy chinese/mexican/malasian. Walmart"


I rented a Malibu on a recent trip and was quite impressed. I may very well go that route on my next auto purchase.

And Mike, I too respect your position and if you are trying to point out that buying cars maufactured locally help out the local economy, I am in full agreement. At least we know those labor dollars are spend locally and I've long been a proponent of that. However, as we all have pointed out countless times before, buying a Ford or GM does not necessarily equate to "buying American" anymore than buying a Honda made in Ohio. If supporting the UAW is your point, you need to come right out and say it.

Pub 17

When will these guys ever learn?
The Malibu was designed in Germany by Opel, who currently hold all engineering responsibility. All Malibus are currently assembled in the U.S. Check it out, finally found domestic parts content:


The Malibu is 80% domestic parts content, but, oops, oh, well, that's not U.S., that's U.S. and Canadian content.

Corporate profits? WGAF, unless you own GM stock.


Not a knock against GM, but when my daughter had to replace her car we looked at the new Malibu, and the fit and finish on most of the ones about 89th an Metcalf was horrible.

red rover

marc, your last paragraph says it all. All the vehicles you listed either are or have been car-truck-suv of the year. I bought a new style Malibu and it's a great vehicle.
And the purchase helped my fellow employees, neighbors and myself....


"Yes, it was in last weeks paper, but they SHOULD print it weekly till everybody gets it."

What, exactly, should we get?

Is it that your average US automaker's vehicle is only about 80% US-made (and many aren't even assembled in the US)?

Or is is that according to the statistics, we'd be more "patriotic" if we bought a Toyota versus a Chrysler?

Or is it that it is "patriotic" to give domestic industry a pass on quality or competition, but we'd better hope other countries don't do the same things since the only profitable divisions of US automakers are their foreign ones?

Or is it that we should "keep the profits in the US", even though foreign automakers are only about 14% behind on US content AND they employ hundreds of thousands of US citizens?

Or is it that we should only buy Kansas City made vehicles so that we're helping our neighbors (hope you like a F150, Escape, Aura, or Malibu)?

Just wondering...



I understand your respect and loyalty to what you do. It is though a case of not being able to turn back the hands of time. Your industry went global a long time ago.

Pub 17

It's "Groundhog Day."
What are the odds that this guy's Tahoe was made in the U.S.?

red rover

Yes, it was in last weeks paper, but they SHOULD print it weekly till everybody gets it. Nice guy, if you drive what you want, why did you tell us elsewhere that you drive an f150 so as not to offend your unionized customers? Sell out or just ironic?

Pub 17

I thought I was havin' an acid flashback


It was published last Wednesday. Deja vu.

Pub 17

Wasn't this posted a week ago?


Several years ago, I thought it would be a fun game to try and buy only American made goods. You should try it sometime, but do it in the summer, because you'll never find a pair of shoes, a sweatshirt, jeans, gloves or hat that isn't made in Asia. Don't try this at Christmas time either, or your kids and grandkids will have to settle for some lumps of coal made in Kingsford, Michigan.


Is Mr. Linton spamming the Star's inbox or do all Tahoe drivers act like this?


Or you could stop using and consuming any other product that is petroleum based.
This is a free country where you are allowed (for now) to drive whatever you choose to. People don't NEED $100 sneakers either, howver, the typical ultra-liberal, enviro-whacko consumes equally as much petroleum based commodities as anyone else.
I will drive whatever vehcile I choose to drive until government outlaws it. I can;t wait to see the Volt being used as a distribution truck.


Damn you people you selfish slobs who dare do drive a vehicle large enouth to accomadate your family; how dare you contractors drive those big trucks to haul concrete, lumger, and so on; you should ride a bicycle and pull a trailer!

You all should be driving "cab over roller skates"!

Makes you wonder

Here's a patriotic thing people can do too. Stop driving gas guzzlers you don't need. They make us slaves to the petro-dictators. We borrow money from China to buy oil from Saudi Arabia while or armed forces are fighting in Iraq. All the while you drive alone in an eight passenger 15 MPG tank with flag and support the troops stickers on the back.

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