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January 07, 2009

Caroline Kennedy should run for Senate

If Caroline Kennedy wants to be a U.S. senator, she should run for election to the office just as Kansas’ Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker did.

If you will recall, Nancy was the first woman ever elected to the Senate without previously being appointed to serve out an uncompleted term, i.e., not to run in the general election as an incumbent.

In Nancy’s case, there was probably a factor of name recognition in her victory. She won the Republican primary as the most recognizable name against 12 or so opponents, at a time when winning the Republican primary was tantamount to election in the general election. Many Kansans remembered her father, Alf Landon — former governor of Kansas and Republican opponent against Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1936 general election — with high esteem and affection.

Nancy, who did not have a lot of government experience, served as a senator with competence, if not with distinction. And there was no question as to her legitimacy, as she had won the votes.

Harvey A. Jetmore Jr.



I don't believe she will be appointed, and I believe it's ignorant to judge her on her uncertain speaking style. She's very new to it, and to lobbying for a political position as well. Clearly, she has walked into a political meat grinder.

My money is on Andrew Cuomo. Governor Paterson is already sending signals that Caroline's lack of elected office experience is a negative.


Actually it's Senator "Ya Know"!
She will have the seat handed to her like a good entitlement thinker should.


Nah just appoint her, then we will have no famous Senators from New York, Chuck U. Schumer, and Senator "You know".

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