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January 05, 2009

Customer appreciates KCPL worker

One recent night, a KCPL worker named Justin came to our house to check on reasons for two outages in one week.

Since it was dark out, I asked him what hours he worked and if he had a family. Turns out he works until 11 p.m. and has a 12-year-old daughter named Jordan. I could tell that Justin is a loving and caring father. He told me it’s hard since he is unable to spend much time with Jordan because of his late hours.

Justin was not complaining — he was glad to be working. I found out simply because I asked.

So, to Justin and untold others like him, thank you for what you do! You are definitely appreciated, even though you may not get to hear the words.

Bonny Cooper-Hull



I know it's common for people to rail against their utility companies, but I'm really pleased with KCP&L. In the two years we've lived here, we've only had two 2-hour outages, and a few momentary outages that finally caused me to phone them last month.

Imagine my shock when I was able to speak with a human being! Then imagine my complete disbelief when I got two phone calls from them a day later, explaining why the blips had happened and what they had done to prevent them in the future. They had to switch something around on the power grid to prevent the overload resulting from the subzero temperatures and the heavy power consumption of a Monday morning.

We moved here from the Chicago area, where Commonwealth Edison makes it impossible for customers to ever speak with a human being. We had several outages that forced us into hotels for a day or two, and when the outages were not weather related, we were never able to find out what happened. I would take KCP&L over ComEd anyday!

Proud American

I strongly agree with your comments. Whenever our electric, gas, or cable goes out, we want help now. My sincere thanks to all of you and your services. And let's not forget the operators and dispatchers who get these unthanked workers to us on time.

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