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January 16, 2009

Driven to switch to satellite radio

Some brilliant radio executive saw fit to pull the plug on 99.7 the Boulevard. So their button was immediately pulled from my dial.

You’ve got to admit that KY had grown stale. But we were blessed to have it replaced last year by the Boulevard, with the best mix of adult rock one could ask for. And without yammering DJs. I was so pleased, I never felt the need to install my satellite radio in my new car.

Now we’re expected to listen to yammering DJs, the likes of whom grew old with a teeny-bopper audience.

Record temperature highs next week will provide the perfect opportunity to install my satellite docking station in my wheels.

Will they ever learn?

Kevin Bukaty



Then you have fine taste, my friend :)



Those are the only three stations I have programmed on my FM tuner in the Caddy.


My wife is from Tn so I hear it in the kitchen sometimes,(not that I have her chained to the stove) other than that C/W gets no play around me. A blues/Jazz station always dies in KC every time someone has tried it, much to my sorrow.

If I spent more time in the car I think I'd invest in Satellite radio, as it is I just blow the dust off of a cassete and pop it in.


After Tina references "Celluloid Heroes" (a fine song by any standard), NMMNG accuses her of being into hip hop and rap. You are quite the audiophile there, NMMNG!

There was a good and much more civil discussion on this on Tim Finn's blog. The bottom line is 99.7 began about a year ago playing some deep cuts by bands like the Dead, Little Feat, ABB, among others who's deep cuts are not often played. This got my attention as well as the attention of many others who are more into music than most people. However, over time I noticed it morphed into the same old Boston/Journey/REO material that is played on the Fox so what's the point.

As for good radio in KC, it is there. You just need to look for it. 90.9 have the World Cafe on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, and a nice mix of alternative broadcasting at many other times. The Morning Buzz on 90.1 also has a good mix of seldom heard rock and blues. And let's not forget Bill Shapiro's Cypress Avenue on 89.3 on Saturday's from 12-2. Give it a listen and learn something.


I don't like country music -- you wanna argue about that? It grates on me. I think all the vocalists sound alike and I don't like twang, okay? If you like it, fine. Have at it. I don't like Elvis, either, never cared much for Streisand, and I absolutely positively loathe hiphop and rap.

This doesn't mean I don't think a lot of these musicians aren't talented. I just don't like them. Got a problem with that, Wee Man?


Welcome back NE,

Missed your ridiculous overcompensating while you were gone.


Satellite is well worth the small investment monthly. Actually I will bet Obama will see to it that everyone receives this for "free" as well provided the pre-sets are ObamaNation, Obamamania, ObamaLite Tunes, Big O Jamz, Obama Financial Radio Network.


Tina what is wrong with Country music, BTW there are only 2 country stations. Let me guess, you want more hip hop America hating racist thuggery stations.


Tracee says: "I'm sick of Bob Seger, Boston, Kansas, etc, and that isn't even the "classic hits" station here in Topeka, but on the ^%##%* ROCK station! "

Don't forget Styx and REO Speedwagon. And weren't Boston and Kansas the same band. Did anyone ever see them in the same place at the same time?

I discovered The Boulevard about six months ago when I hit the seek button to see if I might have missed a decent Kansas radio station since we moved here. When I heard the first few notes of a live version of the Kinks' 'Celluloid Heroes', I locked in the station and never changed it. Now one of the speakers in my Jeep is dying, so I won't get it replaced until I get satellite radio.

Ryan Seacrest. Bleccch.

Art Chick

I don't have XM yet, so if I forget to bring my CDs, the car is silent.

I'm sick of Bob Seger, Boston, Kansas, etc, and that isn't even the "classic hits" station here in Topeka, but on the ^%##%* ROCK station! That is not ROCK, but mind-numbing oldies pop which used to be good, but has been driven into the ditch by overoverOVERplay!!
To me, someone screaming about carpet prices, the DJs trying to sound witty, and overplayed pop doesn't justify the effort of pushing the "on" button.


Kansas City terrestrial radio is a wasteland.

Commercial propaganda only intended to sell products or ideology. The local airwaves are filled with Rush Limbaugh and his sad wannabees, get rich quick in the stock market infomercials or ads for magic colon cleansers.

XM radio rules. Old time radio!! The folk channel!! Bluegrass!!

T. Hanson

Once again I will point that the radio execs keep failing on my par. We already have 4 pop stations, 3 adult contemp, 3 country, 1 hard rock, 1 classical rock, 1 R&B, 2 Urban, and 3 Christian Stations. So where is the classical stations? We are building one heck of a nice Performing Arts building in KC, why not have a FM station that would be geared to it?

Till that happens XM/Sirus is the best way to go!

P.S. Heck I would not mind a 1/3,1/3/,1/3 mix of Jazz, Blues, Classical station. But once again thank you for another pop station... It will die in about 2 years.


Join the club. I am a talk radio listener who got a satellite radio so I could listen to someone other than Rush, Sean or Bill. Shame on KC radio stations for promoting a one sided political agenda 24/7. You definitely lost me as a listener.


Ah, okay. They changed it to KISS-FM and a Top 40 format with Ryan Seacrest on in the afternoons. Idiots.

I'm gonna go hurl now.


WHAT? They pulled the plug on The Boulevard??? Oh no -- I only just found it a few months ago after complaining for over a year that KC had the crappiest radio stations on the planet --mostly country and Christian.

This is very bad news.

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