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January 29, 2009

Federal funds for abortion

I am glad that President Barack Obama is pro-choice, since Roe v. Wade is law.

What I don’t understand is why he gives our tax money to “International groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information” (1/24, A-3, “Obama to resume funds for abortion”).

Giving money to the rest of the world for this purpose while we are drowning in red ink is just plain stupid.

Michael A. West


Dan Beyer

Hey viet-vet1970, what the heck are you talking about? Do you know where all these women dragging down society with 15 children exist?
In your mind!
Yeah too many people, just exterminate them!
Why don't you lead by example if you think that's the right direction!
Of course you won't because YOU want to live!


Pub 17
World population control is simple. All we have to do is make all Nations affluent. At least that worked in Europe and in America north of Mexico. (Somethings got to be wrong with this, it seems to agree with viet-vet's comment.)



3,696.395,259 people and 1 ButRug.

The world is changing, whether or not you like it. If aborting babies is how you see the problems solution I won't debate your opinion.

Eventually the human race will cease to exist, do you have a solution to that?

Overpopulation is inevitable, as are migrations of people from one land to another.

Pub 17

Think about it. China and to a lesser extent India have gotten their birth rates under control, and the world's population is now over six billion. How big was it when you were 21?

As it stands, Europe and the U.S. are unable to deal with the immigration of tens of millions of people from countries with 1935-level birth rates and. Think we'll be able to control immigration any better when it's hundreds of millions?


The US should not fund abortions or fund anti abortion groups.



Worst pro abortion argument ever....abort stupid womens children.

Birth control in other nations is not the responsibility of the US taxpayer.


Women with a basic education and control of their bodies tend to improve their lives and contribute to society no matter where they live.

Ignorant women with 15 children tend to be a drag on society.


I put giving the world money for abortions in the same category as military foreign aid weaponry. A poor use of my tax money.


We are really good at killing babies. So we should export that to the rest of the world. Maybe this can become our top export. We can reduce our trade deficit this way. And everyone will love us.

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