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January 31, 2009

How I hope Obama fails

I would not presume to understand the motivation or context of Rush Limbaugh’s statement “I hope he fails” (1/27, Opinion, “Disloyal opposition’s big fear: Clown time is over”). However, in many respects I, too, hope for failure of Barack Obama’s agenda.

If success means single-payer, universal health care. That would be bad for America, so I hope he fails.

If success means imposing cap and trade on our economy. That would mean billions of dollars of cost burden on our taxpayers, diminishing our standard of living with marginal if any environmental improvement. I hope he fails.

If success means continuing to bail out failing industries, not divesting from Freddie Mac or Fannie May and perpetuating the Community Reinvestment Act, I hope he fails.

Not all change is good. Not all of Obama’s proposals are best for America. Wishing for these programs to not become law does not make someone disloyal or unpatriotic.

Jim Wagner



"they have Ron Christie and their new RNC chair, Michael Steele, who are both black. Well, sort of. Or not."

Tina, I'm afraid you can't post anything like this without first checking with NMMNG. He has right of first refusal on all racial sterotype remarks.


Pub 17
The more you post, the more you sound like you are whistling as you walk by the cemetery..

Pub 17

Maybe it's true.

Maybe there ISN'T a younger, sensible, smart, personable, no-scandal, quietly appealing, intellectually honest Republican candidate out there anywhere in the entire country.

Maybe the Republican lineups in two and four years will still look like outtakes from the Muppet Show.

Oh, damn.


"Rogue claims to be panting for the return of Sarah Palin in 2012; "

I know she's talked up as the future of the party, but I'd bet a buck she'll get shut out. She pulled a diva stunt on the Republicans this weekend, bowing out of their annual retreat by saying she had pressing Alaska business to tend to. Then she showed up at the Alfalfa Club dinner in DC because Obama was going to be there, and "how many times do you get to have dinner with the president?"

Republican reaction was, "She lied to us." Geeze, even I know you don't pull something like that on the big boys in the party and live to tell about it. And if anyone thinks she's a joke now, just wait until Mike Huckabee is finished with her.


"As a liberal, I would fear only that the Republican Party might sober up someday and never, never, never again let itself be caught on camera with a 96% white Republican convention."

Not to worry, Pub, they have Ron Christie and their new RNC chair, Michael Steele, who are both black. Well, sort of. Or not.

Pub 17

Absolutely. He's helping mightily with that great, radical, voluntary marginalization the Republican Party is inflicting on itself that Rove wanted to inflict on the Democrats. Rogue claims to be panting for the return of Sarah Palin in 2012; the Republican Congressional delegation cowers before Rush Limbaugh and refuses to participate in the stimulus package, even as Republican governors lobby for it; Kansas Republicans have set another thin-lipped goofball as state chairperson after Kris Kobach's ego decided to leave for greener pastures.

As a liberal, I would fear only that the Republican Party might sober up someday and never, never, never again let itself be caught on camera with a 96% white Republican convention. Honestly, it's like watching Nixon crash and burn in the seventies.


Pib 17
Just keep on telling me this stuff. But from your last statement we are both happy he is on the air.

Pub 17

Your saying I'm 'bothered' doesn't mean I'm bothered. As you may or may not have noticed, I detest artificial heroes above all else. Rush is a widdling coward who loves to talk patriotism; that doesn't offend you? He loves to criticize lawyers, which class includes most of his male relatives in several directions; that doesn't seem like opportunism to you? He enjoys beating up on little girls and cripples; you find that admirable?

From a political point of view, I love him like a baby sister, since he's put more money into liberal causes than George Soros could have ever hoped for.


Regardless of his message, he really IS a bag of wind. He is in love with the sound of his own voice, a real pompous windbag. The dumbest thing Obama has done is to mention Rush a couple weeks ago. That put him in the spotlight, and God help us all when Limbaugh is in the spotlight.

I did read that his nose was seriously out of joint when he wasn't included in the dinner at George Will's house. with Obama and a few conservative columnists. It was a beautiful snub, IMO.


Puib 17 & solomon
Sure guys. That's why you are so bothered by him.


He is a bag of hot gas, he doesn't get to me.

I think anyone who is party affiliated is kind of nuts anyway, to listen to someone's opinion as gospel is worse than nuts. Other than sparring with members of his flock (you know, sheep), I never give him any thought. To me he's in the same category as a print columnist, but for his cause better because booger eaters can listen and pretend they understand the big words.

Pub 17

All wrong. Rush has been constantly "refuted," and I believe that there are several websites devoted to this. I don't see the point: if you want to believe what he's saying he's beyond refutation, so why bother?

He's qualified by neither education nor experience to make pronouncements about anything except gynecomastia. I personally think he's the greatest thing to happen to liberalism in this country since Father Coughlin, because he flaunts the irrationality and irresponsbility of conservatism for the world to see far better than any liberal commentator could possibly do.


Pub 17 & solomon
Rush sticks it to the pretensions of the Democrats. There is very few times that anything he has said has been successfully refuted. If he did not expose weakness and make-believe and let the light in on their nonsense the Liberals would pay no attention him. As a matter of fact if he did not get to you wouldn't be ranting about him. What's the old saying "Methinks you both protestuth too much".

Pub 17

I'm having a really good day; I've pretty much got the celery and green olive salad they serve at Jerusalem Bakery nailed and I just took a nice loaf of barley and wheat bread out of the oven, so I'm feeling expansive.

It's not just Officer Frag. There's some fatal attraction of growly, I've-bronzed-my-DD214, my-prostate's-killing-me, ex-military types for chest-thumping draft-dodgers.

Note this isn't a matter of there being, say, a hundred right-wing commentators and some percent of them didn't serve, but I'll accept that because I agree with their message. It's that you scratch all but a very few of them and you get a yellow streak. Ever actually gone to http://www.awolbush.com/whoserved.html? If not, look under "Punditocracy and Preacher Types." It's FRIGHTENING. Once again, it's not a few, or even an uncomfortable number: it's damn near ALL of Rouge and the like's pantheon of he-roes, from John Wayne to Wayne LaPierre.

I don't get it. Straight up, I really don't get it. It's like all the heroes of the left were former Klan members.


No Pub, it makes sense. Pretend you are ButRug and in your vehicle the radio has one more space to program a station......your only to choices are KPRT, the oldest black owned radio station in the nation, where they sing about the glory of God all day, and the other choice is a voice that repeats over and over "we're right and if you disagree are our enemy and anti-american".

You know as I do he'd listen to someone preaching divisiveness.

Pub 17

Lying, hypocrisy, insulting children and sick people--yeah, those liberals are just dying to be irritated.

Can I be an entertainer, too, and avoid all responsbility for anything I say? It's the Republican in me dying to come out.



Thank you for recognizing Rush as entertainment and not expert opinion.

It does make me sad that some people buy into his crap, but there is a market for all types of crazy crud in America.


Limbaugh is an entertainer. As usual, his latest statement was meant to be provocative, and judging by the reaction from the left, it worked. I doubt that posting Rush’s many personal failings will dissuade people from listening to his show. Whatever Rush’s faults may be, he irritates the heck out of liberals, and that is one of his attractions.

It is interesting, though, that our new President took the bait.



Why even read ButRugs posts, we know he is a liar. He said here once that he never had relations with a woman when in Nam.

Pub, actually it's best if you make wine with it from the flowers before processed.....or so I've heard.

Pub 17

OMG you're right.
Won't even get into his remarks about that pathetic, untalented loser McNabb.

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