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January 21, 2009

Inauguration thoughts

America and the world were witness again on Tuesday to the greatest principle of democracy.

The most powerful leader in the world was removed from power and replaced with a new most powerful leader in the world in an orderly fashion as dictated by law without conflict or confrontation. No bullets were fired, and no one died. The transfer of power was recognized and respected by all.

America, America, God truly has shed his grace on thee.

Michael Hull
Lee’s Summit

The presidential inauguration and parade were very meaningful to me because President Obama has been compared so often to John F. Kennedy, and I had the privilege of marching in JFK’s inauguration as a West Point cadet.

Watching the people along the parade route, it struck me that the pageantry is not only a celebration but a chance for us, “the people,” to endorse and participate in democracy in a very personal way.

The president’s speech reaffirmed both the opportunities and the challenges that we face. We all owe him and the nation our full support.

Roy Busdiecker
Overland Park

I listened to Obama’s speech in Washington, and I listened to Bush’s speech in Texas.

Bush’s speech was better and far more moving and inspiring than Obama’s.

Charlie Brents



The U.S. Constitution has been bastardized and diluted. We have debtors prisons. We have gender biased legislation. We have government interference with the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for some citizens. We have some factions of government exercising absolute power.
Many areas of the US Constitution are dead.
Obama will not do anymore than any other deadbeat President has done to fix it either. He is an endorser of debtros prisons and socialsim.


I used to be very familiar with the entire metro area. Yes, there are differences. But people are different in their abilities, capabilities and work ethics. Do you believe everyone is entitled to the same life style? Who determines just what level is correct for all? What is it you want changed?



Some people, you may possibly be one of them, believe that there is one America and there is no need to change things, that we have it right.

"See the USA, in your Chevrolet".

Spend $10 next nice day and take the tour. Actually look and take in rather than just drive. Make sure you play the games as you go like "count the liquor stores" and "For Sale" signs that have been there for years. Take in the differences between old Olathe and new. Look at the difference in business and services in neighborhoods. Think about how growing up in one place must differ from 15 minutes away.

If Kansas City is so diverse fundamentally, on a national scale how can we not always be in need of fundamental change in dealing with ourselves and others around the world.

And no, I don't see higher taxes as a solution to a human problem.


Just what is the point of your suggested 'driving tour"? What are you saying should be done?


evenin' jack(louie),

I agree, therefore my mention of looking at priorities of the local, state and fed. As it is we are at the bottom of a pyramid scheme, and look at the kind of crap they do with our money at the top.

My comment addressed a fundamental need for change, like it or not. The United States of America can not be set in stone as fundamental changes are happening around the globe. We can't forget we are now as always an experiment in gov't unlike any other in time.


sol: About the least efficient way to put the money to work is for the Feds to tax it, then "give" it to the State, who then "gives" it to the COunty, who then "gives" it to the City. Every level of administration takes a cut of the pie until very little actually reaches street level.

THe worst thing about our current tax system is it's upside down. Money should be raised as close to where it will be spent as possible. That is how you get the famous "most bang for the buck".


"Gitmo being closed and these possible terrorists..."

Do you have contact with any children? If you do you are a "possible child abuser". If "possible" is the level of proof needed for incarceration, we can all be imprisoned.

Innocent until proven guilty, the right to confront your accuser and see the evidence against you, these are important parts of who and what we are. Some seem to have forgotten that.

Whether you like the outcome of the election or not, Tuesday once again proved something vital. The Constitution of the United States of America works.

You would think the "conservatives" would be happy about this.



I mentioned "Priorities in municipal, state and fed" tax spending. There is money that goes from the fed gov't to states and cities for rodaway and such....The Kit Bond Bridge comes to mind as an example.

My point is that our tax money is not always spent with us in mind, many times it is spent on things that buy influence for the gov't, to our loss.


Curbs are the responsibility of the local government. Foreign aid is never going to end, but even if it did, the feds wouldn’t be out fixing city streets.


Good morning Kate,

If military aid was cut out of the foreign aid budget and redistributed to our infrastructure how do you come up with zero?


"How many curbs in kc, St louis or anywhere else with a cracked sewer could be paid for with each bomb we give another country?"




This is not a criticism of your post, but mentions it.

We know the one's who take the time to post here often are less likely to feel that way, just based on my life. If I were out working two jobs with a kid or two in the KCMO school district with a landlord who lived 1000 miles away and was unreachable I'd feel different.

This most Americans are feeling great vs Americans are suffering is fruitless.

Put $10 worth of gas in your car and drive through the neighborhoods from KcKs to Eastern Indep, heck, just follow Truman Road from Holmes to the Courthouse in Indep. Drive out to the new and old sections of Olathe and to Troost and Prospect, then cruise to 135th and Metcalf.

Not that anyone owes the other anything, but we are not a caste system either. There is a certain amount of fundamental change needed. Education is always the best place to start, but there has to be a fundamental change in American youth.(do these young girls realize what that snake tat will look like at 55?) Priorities in municipal, state and fed dollars need to address the US to help us first.(How many curbs in kc, St louis or anywhere else with a cracked sewer could be paid for with each bomb we give another country?).

Are our tax dollars going to things that enable us as a people or a gov't.

At my age, with children and grandchildren, I would only hope that fundamental changes needed to deal with the fact that the world is changing fundamentally are made.


Just thought I'd share:

An excerpt: "Do all Americans truly have a yearning to fundamentally "remake" our nation? There must be a subversive minority out there that still believes the United States — even with its imperfections and sporadic recessions — is, in context, still a wildly prosperous and free country worth preserving.

Some of you must still believe that politicians are meant to serve rather than be worshiped. And there must be someone out there who considers partisanship a healthy, organic reflection of our differences rather than something to be surrendered in the name of so- called unity — which is, after all, untenable, subjective and utterly counterproductive."


I rented a couple of Blu-Rays instead of watching the circus in D.C.
Cool speeches do not pay the bills nor do they serve anything more than emotional masturbation. If Obama said tomorrow, "The economy is now fine" all the sheep would follow him and believe it just as they did with Bill Jeff. I love it, I have freinds that still make minimal wages and have for a couple of decades. They had equally as much as they do now when Bill was in office.
It comes down to individuals not a President. So now that Barack is in office, the small fraction of homeowners that defaulted can now afford their mortgages?


"Bush’s speech was better and far more moving and inspiring than Obama’s."

Did it rank up there with these gems?



With a little luck we will have all enterprise shutdown and run by the government. That would be ideal. Hopefully prez O will raise taxes over 50% like Big Al wants them, after all we are here to work for Uncle Sam and others to spend our earnings how they see fit. Everyone is entitled to homeownership, a new car, a college degree and a plasma T.V. whether they earn it or not.

Pub 17

Phô boy is hemorrhaging early today. Wassamatta, talking like a grownup not getting you enough attention?


What is really moving is that a top priority of our new perfect leader is now international entities can get their mits on our funds to perform abortions, how grand is that! Gitmo being closed and these possible terrorists that have asked to be allowed to plead guilty, brought to US soil where they will most likely be cut loose.


I wonder if Charlie was one of the GOP partisans who whined and cried about Bill Clinton having a rally with his supporters after leaving Bush's inauguration. The conservative talking heads were aghast, saying it was disrespectful, that he "couldn't let it go" and had to hog the spotlight, etc.

I heard none of that about Bush's rally with his supporters after leaving Obama's inauguration. The rallies are fine in my opinion, no matter who we're talking about. But the hypocrisy of some hardcore partisans knows no bounds.

Pub 17

And they claimed to be a constitutional democracy, too! The hounds!

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