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January 19, 2009

It’s winter; it snows

This city’s reaction to one inch of snow Friday was pathetic. Additionally, it’s downright embarrassing.

An inch of snow does not warrant intermittent “winter weather advisories” to pre-empt scheduled TV programming. An inch of snow does not warrant drivers to lose their spatial reasoning and drive in the center of two lanes. There were two lanes before it snowed. There are two lanes after it snows. Get in the far right lane and go your 10 mph in the 35 mph zone.

Don’t even get me started on the subject of Ward Parkway post one-inch snow “storm.”

I’m off to shovel my walk and a few of my neighbors’.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Anne Owen
Kansas City



Who is stupid enough to drive 90MPH on ice? Who is stupid enough to drive 90MPH under normal conditions for that matter.

All I know is I spend a great deal of time in CO at an elevation of 9,100' in the dead of winter and on a per capita basis we don't see nearly the number of weather related incidents that you see around here. Most of us have all wheel drive vehicles with really good snow tires and a set of chains in back for getting over the passes during storms (chains are often required on Vail and Loveland Passes). The weather does not have to be a big deal.


Sure thing casady, drive 90mph with good tires and you have no worries on ICE.
Like I said, simply make casuing an accident in weather a felony and see how those "good tires" do you. Wait? Tires a pertoleum prodcts, so hld that thought, let's outlaw tires because they harm the evirnoment and direct moeny towards the greedy corporations that do not supply any jobs.

Stifled Freedom

"Get in the far right lane and go your 10 mph in the 35 mph zone."

Ms Owen, the left lane on a highway is for faster traffic. However, the left lane in city streets has more purpose than just recklessly exceeding the speed limit. We all occasionally need to turn left....thus we need to be in the left lane.

How about some consideration for others Ms Owen. The roads weren't just built for your selfish purposes.


We got a weather radio soon after we moved here. We use it, but the techno voice is kind of creepy. Then we signed up for www.weathercall.net and that's a good service that costs just $5/year. It's a reverse-911 service that calls our home and cell phones, and we had the option of getting calls for everything from severe thunderstorm warnings to tornado warnings. We chose to just get the call for a tornado warning. What's really good about it is that it pinpoints your address and you only get a warning call if your home is in the vicinity of a tornado sighting.

In mid-September when both phone lines rang simultaneously, I learned how well the system works. A rotation was headed toward Spring Hill, not far from us. I hope that's the closest shave we ever have.


kate, Weather radio, hmmmmm....do they have golf radios?


Katie went off the deep end after she had her last baby. She’s everyone’s mom now. But she’s not too bad on the radio in the mornings before she goes into full panic mode.

Buy a weather radio. I’ve heard the TV weather people announce the wrong counties for a tornado warning. Buy a weather radio and for heaven's sake, use your common sense.


NMMNG, only you can turn a harmless discussion about weather into a hateful political slam. I imiagine you would make a fascinating case study for analysts around the world.

As for the snow, yeah, it snows. I spend about 25% of my time in the high country where we get an average of 300 inches a year so I guess I am not too taken aback by what I see around here. Just get an Outback with good tires and you'll be fine.


Hahahaha -- "Bar the Door Horner" -- I love it. They're just as bad on Fox, where they don cheesey grins when they get to drone on about damaging winds, basketball-sized hail, and Armageddon. Y'know, for awhile there, being new in town, I was convinced that there was no way we could live in KC without having at least one home destroyed by a tornado. I won't watch local stations anymore, only cable. No doom mongering for me, thanks.


To my friends here who had to leave prior to 9:30, I used to drive rush hour and it sucked.


If you think "bar the door Horner" is bad now, I hope you are not a fan of golf on TV come springtime. She'll leave her kids birthday party to go to work in tight denim (in itself a "disturbance")come 17th hole time to break in and tell you about hail and tornadoes sighted in Tulsa. Then show a "citicam" of the horizon for an hour in hopes of a funnel sighting. Modern stations million dollar weather systems make me wish for the days of erasable markers and stick on clouds and suns.


My husband said his drive up K-7 to Shawnee was awful, and he's used to driving through pretty severe Chicago snowstorms and is not disposed to hyperbole. If he said driving was bad, it was bad. But I agree, the news media made way too much of that "storm".

Hysterical weather forecasters are all over the country, I guess, but I've never seen anything like the ones in Kansas City. If Katie 'Chicken Little' Horner had to publish a book to help children learn how to shed their fear of storms, it's probably because Katie Horner has made a career out instilling storm phobia in them -- and their parents.


I was one of the people who had to get out much earlier than 9:30, and not only did blowing snow make for poor visibility, it was also much slipperier than you would expect for such a light snowfall. I heard Katie Horner’s explanation as I was stopped on I-70 waiting for three fire trucks and an ambulance to maneuver into place to tend to a multi-car accident (the second of four I passed that morning). Katie said that the warmth from the tires was melting the snow on the road, but the air was so cold that it froze again right away, creating a thin layer of ice.


Ok, I yield, to tie in the President makes that the stupidest paragraph you've ever written.

It was so sensible until your hatred oozed through.

Your current wife must be chafing from the duct tape.


Yeah well one thing I am sick of are the IRRESPONSIBLE aholes that think they can drive as fast as they choose in slick conditions. A law should be passed that if you cause a wreck under weather conditions, it is a felony. I see all to often cars in ditches, rear ended, side swiped, etc. Generally due to reckless and negligent self important drivers. Back off the pedal and allow more time for commute, sorry, unless you are Barack Hussein Obama, you are not very important fools.


Have to agree with Anne on this one. I ventured out about 9:30 Friday morning and you'd have thought there was a foot of snow on the roads the way many of the folks were driving.

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