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January 14, 2009

Keep Star coming every day

I second Mary Pat Miller’s well-written letter, “Thankful for daily Star” (1/11). I, too, would think the Letters page would have been flooded with thank-yous to publisher Mark Zieman and all the writers and workers at The Star.

I, too, hope and pray that those presses keep running and the paper keeps hitting the driveway at dawn. Thank you to the carriers who get the paper to us in all kinds of weather.

It would be a very sad day if the printed press came to an end. For years my day has begun with getting my paper and reading the news.

Thank you,  Kansas City Star, and thank you, Mary Pat Miller, for your letter.

Julie Ruskin
Overland Park


mike d

They print this drivel on paper? What a waste of trees


And ( I hate to repeat myself, but the Falling Star seems to have no problem with it)how long has your husband worked for the Falling Star Julie?

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