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January 23, 2009

Men without hats

Watching the inauguration, it was hard to believe so many men were not wearing hat. I saw lots of black overcoats, but going bare-headed in that kind of weather is not very smart.

But I am an ex-clothing and hat merchant, and know few stores have a hat department. Selling a dress hat is a lost art.

Now, cowboys know how to wear a hat. I sold a lot of good hats, but that was a different era.

Bob Brooks
Grain Valley



BTW, is there anyone here who believes Hetzenauer will answer an easy question after avoiding these threads for days?


Kate said: Great. "Safety Dance" will be going through my head all day now. Thanks a lot, Star."

HAHAHAHA, so that's why I've had that earworm all day! Men without hats...men without hats...I couldn't make the connection.

Well, there are a lot worse songs you could have in your head...I won't mention any of them.


Good afternoon,

Thank you for that link, looks like the average kid who is fueling and funding the hiphop culture.(OK, we know this wad ain't working so its the suburban parents)

At one time I had a machine gun shell belt I wore to concerts over my dads WWII Army jacket. (Kate would've followed me for days), wore my hair long and later wore platform shoes, but never could have left the house dressed like a minor league baseball attraction.


The appropriate attire would something along these lines.



.....hey, the custodian finally found which locker Hetzenauer was stuffed into.


Bare-headed and empty-headed.


Great. "Safety Dance" will be going through my head all day now. Thanks a lot, Star.

Pub 17


Or for the debased, hopeless junkie, 190 miles away:



Visit the Missing Piece in Crown Center or Westport. The place to buy a dress hat in Kansas City, but they have a great selection of mens and womens hats for all seasons and types.

I'm not affiliated, nor do I have any financial interest in the store, but rarely go anywhere without a hat on, and like Bob Brooks mentioned, finding one is difficult.

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