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January 19, 2009

Obama draws Americans together

We, as a team, have had an incredible journey. Last July, we came together as neighborhood team leaders supporting Barack Obama’s campaign. Our group was an improbable mix. A CPA, a retired schoolteacher, a small-business owner and a college student made up our core team.

Our larger pool of volunteers ranged in age from 7 to 82. We knew there was something extraordinary happening when Americans, who are young in age and in spirit, came together because they knew in their hearts that this time had to be different.

We helped organize our community into a group of people who knocked on doors on the hottest days and eventually the frigid cold and dark. They left their families night after night to volunteer on phone banks that we worked until our voices were hoarse and our feelings numb to those who responded hatefully.

As we prepare for the inauguration of our new president, we are happy, proud, and exhausted. We are better for the work we did, the thousands of doors we knocked on, the thousands of telephone calls we made.

We all made this change possible, and we thank you for your part in it.

Karen Ferling
Nancy Long
Chris Wray
Michelle Thompson
Members, Missouri Team Obama



tax cuts are fine so long as everyone that actually PAYS taxes gets the cut. So long as all things are equal. Exactly why we should have a flat tax rather than "progressive" tax system.
It's only equality when it benefits someone more than someone else? evryone pay 15% and call it day. No more double dipping by the gov or by individuals. No more property tax.
Gov will have learn to budget and work with what they have. That's what they tell non-custodial fathers, "deal with it".


It's not wealth redistribution when it's YOUR money to begin with. There are idiots that actually figure their "returns' into their budgets, that in itself reflects how fiscally ignorant some are.
What about people that receive a large portion of their income untaxed yet still receive big fat income tax checks along with "stimulus" checks?


I'm all for tax cuts, but you can't cut the federal income tax of someone who pays no federal income tax. If it's a welfare check, call it a welfare check. If it's a stimulus check call it that. I paid the IRS a great deal more than the $1200 stimulus so they are still well in the black so far as I am concerned.


So, did any of you who object to welfare checks or tax cuts return your stimulus checks because you didn't want the wealth redistributed into your mail box?


It has nothing to do with mindest as muchas it has to do with legislation and how it is drafted passed and enforced.
If being a "single mom" is such a raw deal, why is it glamorized and fostered?

Now tell me the system is NOT gender biased.

Whether you or anyone esle wants to admit it, the laws including Obama's agenda is anti-father and pro-single parent/welfare/extortion. Under the law providing and supporting are two ENTIRELY different things. YOu pay the rent, food, utilities, clthing, etc ti doesn;t count, only MONEY. It's the only thing they look at nothing else. When kids are not your, they do not care and extort men at all costs. Then people like yourself advocate, support and promote it further. Look! No "first time fathers". Think what you want. But facts are facts. Many women use the system for vidication and revenge.





I was familiar with the term "Hun" before Monty Python was born. And with "Hunky" before you were born ;-) And my problem with Obama's welfare checks was and is his calling them "tax cuts".



re: my previous post....correction....."single moms and dads".....or more correct....."single fathers and mothers".....

Doesn't affect what i said at all, I just don't have a us and them mentality. engineer, says growing up poor he does not either. He is just against "Obamas welfare checks". Are you an us against them person on this issue? Be honest now.


Sol you fail to bring to the front any note about single dads? Why is that? Single moms ALSO receive a child tax care credit, untaxed and unaccounted for child support, Medicaid and other benefits that married couples do not receive. Everyone pays into FICA however someone making $8.50/hr pays very little in true taxation unless they own taxable property. You stated yourself that these individuals do not own new cars or purchase homes hence they [ay little to nothing in levies which pay for the public schools most of them send their kids to. So which is it? If being a "single mom' is such a bad deal then why are so many women striving to be just that? I guess marriage is a bad deal and not the most friutful environment to raise children? Not according to many governmetn and private research done.



That is what the British called them.

Let me guess, you've never seen a Monty Python episode.


At that place and at that time at least some of them did. As to your previous remarks about "Huns"; whoever those guys were they were excellent soldiers.



See what I deal with to be friends. He gets to the end and then gets in his "blacks steal" thing.


As to the "benediction"; it surely was not one to "unite us". Others also took exception to it. It was a sour note in an otherwise harmonious situation.
The army in WWII was segregated. Very few black combat units existed, either in Europe or in the Far East. The major share of the blame for the inadequacies in the supplies of clothing, gear and equipment belongs to army command and the Civilian departments running the war. However, in Italy at least, the Quartermaster troops did their share.


Thank you TinaMcG, most people have heard that, in its abbreviated form it went right by me.

Consider the source. Engineer believes that when he and his fellow soldiers gallantly (I'm being serious here) battled the Huns (sorry Arminius) and were freezing their future baby boomer makers off, the black (Colored, Negro, Nigras) in charge of their thermals had sold them all and were sitting behind the lines laughing about it.

He also only dealt with black firms after being forced by the gov't to do so.

he's like an old Bonanza episode, he wants to make a point but, damn, he still falls short.

My dad, a WWII veteran, did not have a similar story but he was in the pacific war.


Solomon, it was the end of the benediction, given by a very elderly black minister at the end of the inaugural ceremony, and Wee Man missed the point as well as the reference. It was a play on the old Jim Crow ditty, "If you're black, get back, if you're brown, you can stick around, if you're white, you're all right..."


One of the prayers at the inaguration.


got that one past me...."and whites do right"......did someone suggest whites sometimes do wrong and I missed it?


You are right, we do not need to get into a rancorous exchange. And good cheer to them on their happiness, even if they didn't get the job done on which they are congratulating themselves. As to taxes, it is true that all, or almost all, pay federal taxes in some form or manner. But to me it is worrisome when a large portion of the population is entirely exempted from federal income taxes. And solomon, how is someone who spent some of his growing up years on a hardscrabble, hand to mouth, truck farm going to look down on "low income' people?
As to things said about Obama, incorrect and even stupid things were said but nothing I would call vile. The Obama bucks were tasteless but I would not call them vile, anymore than I would today's statement "and whites do right".



Which "Invisible Man" are you, the Ralph Ellison character, the Claude Raines mad doctor or the Chevy Chase version?

I know, I lost you at Ralph Ellison, but you're doing a damn good Claude Raines.


The 40% is not real unless you want to say that it is the IRS regulations that result in working people not paying taxes. You are intelligent, and we've done this math before here.

Two working adults or a single working mother have 2 or 3 or 4 children and because of regulations their $8.50 an hour job gives them a refund or earned income credit does not mean they don't pay taxes. It means that because they live under a system you endorse they are not taxed out of existence or taxed like someone who makes more(as their has to be enough left for basics). You've read me say I support all American laws except the IRS regs and Marijuana laws. I just don't look at lower income people as "them". some folks do, how about you?

No vile things said? Of all of the links posted here and all of the other media you absorb (I remember posting the Obama Bucks flier distributed by a prominent Reps party head in Cali) you hadn't seen one you'd consider vile?

One guys vile is obviously just everyday thought to others.


First things first, you and I are friends.

The fact that McCain carried Mo does not affect these guys because they were part of something much bigger than Mo. Their elation and brass make total sense unless you're bitter your guy lost. My guy lost too. Only difference is I went in voting for someone I respect but knew would not win while you voted for someone you didn't like but hoped would win.

You kept saying the last two months you'd give the guy time to show you something before you'd be critical of him, now would be a patriotic time to start doing that.

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