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January 21, 2009

Overcoming obstacles

The letter from Grace Bridges of Mission Valley Middle School (1/18) about her assignment to find six words to use in an inauguration speech resulted in the best quote for our times that I have seen: “Obstacles are meant to be overcome.”

Grace, thank you. I am a 74-year-old man in financial difficulty with a limited amount of time to cure my problems. Your quote has inspired me to press on. I am going to share this with family members and friends who have lost jobs, lost savings and lost hope.

I think you will become famous for these six words. May you reach the full potential of your life that your wisdom has generated at this early stage. I will always ascribe the quote to you.

David G. McIntyre


Taobao English site

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.


I'm trying to be serious, but the last part of your post was funny. Touche`.


What a sweet guy. Yes, I did make my own bed and I do enjoy it. There aren't that many truly rich people in Jo Co but there is an overwhelming majority of educated, capable, hard working people. It would appear there is a correlation between those characteristics and comfortable financial status.


It's not true that I'm completely uncaring.

Just today, I read where recently failed and TARPed BoA's John Thain might now have his "four legged, gold plated commode" and $90,000 office rug repossessed. He only purchased them weeks ago as part of his $1.2 million office redo!! And, someone's even trying to take away Thain's $300,000/yr chauffeur!!

How much of the burden must one man carry for the rest of us? How much suffering must the richest of us endure? When will it all end?

** crocodile tear **

When the streets of JoCo are stripped of the Beemers, Benz's, Escalades and the rich, old coots are reduced to sorting through the dumpster behind the Wild Oats Market for a few scraps of tofu salad, I'll care. Until then, not so much.

You made your own bed, enjoy it.


Doesn't it give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to be on the same blog as such a warm, caring human being as whispering?


"I am a 74-year-old man in financial difficulty" - David G. McIntyre, Leawood

Financial troubles in Leawood?


Live within your means, Mr. McIntyre. Move to Grandview and trade the Beemer/Benz in on a Ford Fiesta.

Or, get off your lazy, fat arse and go get a job. Television producer, fashion designer, detective and dental hygienist employers are (as noted below) hiring.



If the gov't was matching the contributions with tax dollars I would agree. It is naive for you to think that there are not scholarships or aid that have never gone to a black. The are Trusts, companies, fraternal and sorority groups, churches....all kinds of scholarships that go to a particular group of recipients. Tell me there aren't scholarships and endowmwnts that blacks have never heard of and never will.

The separate issue is this is a group of people asking for money to send more of a group that often has limited resources. If a commercial came on tomorrow asking for donations to send more disadvataged whites to school that wouldn't be racist either. The people donating would know they are sending money to a disadvantaged white. You can collect money for whatever group you want as long as there is no tax money involved.

Think of it like buying a tree for israel.


sol: If it is okay to have a college fund that specifically helps only blacks, then it is okay to have one for only whites, or only latinos, or whatever.

UNCF has done great things. I have no problem with them. But fair is fair. If one can exclude people for having the wrong skin pigmentation, shouldn't all the others be able to do the same?

As far as TV is concerned, with cable and satellite it is now a niche oriented market. If you can find the advertisers to support you, anything should be fair game. It ain't as if you have only 3 networks to choose from. If you don't like BET, don't watch it. Problem solved.



You are imagining things again. I never said I live in the hood. I live in Kansas City, Mo and have some rental properties in the area you refer to as the dangerous parts of the city. Now although you might call the entire city of Kansas City, "the hood", but my block is white , black and complete with plenty of youngsters in big pants and tats, but they tend to be the white ones.

There are differences in the way people speak, but when I point out its whites,(high profile at times) who use the same diction you want to deny you've brought the entire thing up over and over with the "axe" thing as a black issue.

As far as the WET thing, you have always had white ownership and programming in TV, you must be living in a cabin in the woods if you've never noticed that. I know they have a country station on TV, doesn't that ONE of the hundreds of white owned ones cancel out a BET. And furthermore, why the hell should it bother you if someone wants to start and gear his programming to any audience? Its like you calling the Negro College Fund racist because they request donations to advance the education of blacks who can't afford to go. The fund takes not one thing from you or anybody else who doesn't want to contribute, but you have a problem with it.

But you are not obsessed, no not you.


Don't shoot the messenger.It's not an illusion Sol. Just watch BET or actually go into the hood you claim you supposedly live in.



Here Sol go light these people up.



So you deny that more in the black culture use verbiage as such? You are in need of help. Nothign racist about it, the fact is the black culture in America does differ from whitey culture where they have rednecks to contend with. I wonder if it will be permissible to start WET as a cable network?


Solomon, my aim was to use only their words. But OK, have it your way, forget the honorarium. A plaque would be nice though.

People, it was a feeble attempt at levity. Lighten up. Posters on this site are way too pugnacious. I come in peace.


But many people do, NE, including highly paid celebrity newscasters. Which pretty much dumps that stupid non-point you repeat over and over.


I still do not say "aks" though.


exactly. Just as the 5M so called "green jobs" that are going to be created with a magic wand and supposedly outsource proof.
While there are support jobs just as in any other industry, the majority of jobs will require manual labor, a skilled trade, getting your hands dirty, travel and very likely working in weather conditions.
Sure, I bet everyone lines up for those jobs. These industries already have a shortage of labor so increasing more jobs in that sector without people wanting to fulfill those jobs is nothing but pandering to the euphoria of the masses.


those labor statistics are so misleading. Most of those jobs/salaries can't just be obtained with a new degree and training.

Take television producer: it takes years and years of experience at small time channels, such as a news station in wichita making minimal $$ to even get close to that salary. Many times you have to sacrifice making next to nothing for a few years before you can even get to the 30k level.

Database administrator is a good job, but unfortunately, it is going to be one of the top outsourced job in the country, as companies start cutting back on costs. Having overseas database managers, such as what my company just switched too, saves companies with large databases hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.



Anybody seen Arminius, you know the Frisbee guy who is descended from Germany's most proud people? I asked him a question 3 days ago and he has not been back since.

It just required a one word answer.


Cut and pasters, the posters who bring us the web stories we had not read because we did not want to.


I see you're learned to copy and paste, little guy.

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