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January 19, 2009

Overland Park coyotes

I regret I have lived long enough to see something as outrageous as Overland Park’s proposed coyote ordinance (1/15, Local, “Revised coyote ordinance is endorsed; Overland Park proposal calls for the city to do trapping, with residents to bear some of the cost”). This is what happens when people think government should do everything for them and they forget how to take care of themselves. Their brains turn to mush.

There was a time when city government provided basic services, monitored and managed development took care of infrastructure, and provided police and fire protection. Today they feel the need to waste taxpayer dollars by getting involved in everyone’s personal problems and catering to the whiners.

Once upon a time, pet owners were smart enough to recognize that small fuzzy dogs and cats were potential “coyote bait” and didn’t leave them outdoors and unattended in semi-rural areas. Since some residents of Overland Park don’t have good sense, perhaps the city should ban any fuzzy pets weighing less than 25 pounds. After all, they banned “pit bulls.”

Kim M. Krohn
Blue Springs



huzzah, more coyote and deer letters and a cougar in 2012.............

The deer and coyotes will still be something of an issue 4 years from now.

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