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January 15, 2009

Pick up the pace on dealing with deer

Shawnee Mission Park has a deer population of almost 200 per square mile, eight times greater than biologists suggest is healthy (12/29, A-1, “Hordes of deer threaten park”). This would have occurred over many years while the deer were finding less and less to eat. That was inhuman.

Now the Park Board has a 10-person committee reviewing the problem with a report that could take six months.

That appears to be dangerously slow on top of being years late as well.

I may be stupid, but enlighten me. Quick!

Marilyn Frenzel
Overland Park



The deer legally belong to the state of Kansas. That's why on federal land, like where I used to hunt in Wyoming, I had to buy state hunting permits, not federal. So Parks & Rec doesn't have the legal authority to allow a wholesale slaughter.

But set that asked for a minute and ask: Do you want this done now, or do you want this done right? Everyone complains gov't can't do anything right, so now you want them to do something in a hurry?

Don't get me wrong, I want them to allow hunting, to make people pay to do it, because I will join in. I want it planned out, and that all state hunting regulations apply. That requires the state to get involved.


You have proved beyond a doubt that you do not have a rural background. The fact that the Park Board is dodging a solution is just straight "public servant MO". Any solution must involve decreasing the numbers of deer. Any methods used to decrease those numbers are going to give rise to spirited and impassioned resistance by various groups. Therefore no thinking "public servant" is going to touch the matter with the proverbial 10 foot pole. In cases like this you always appoint a "Blue Ribbon Commission.


Yep, six months is a long time to sort this out, given the fact that deer breed twice a season. I hope their final report doesn't recommend abstinence training, because you can how well that's worked out with teenaged kids.


Cassady, just taking a guess here, but it seems to me the number of fawns born each spring is pretty much directly related to the number of wombs available to carry them. If even one buck remains, there is still the possibility that all of the does could produce offspring. I’ll leave it to you to insert your own “lucky buck” joke here.

Pub 17

Black powder? Full automatic weapons. Tiger traps. Set the dogs on them. Death to Bambi.


Hey Rougy, putting the fists down for a moment, I have a question regarding this and since you know alot about this, I figure you are good person to ask (admittedly I know nothing about this particular topic.

The other day, there was an article about killing does to reduce reproduction. Wouldn't it be more effective to kill the bucks since one buck can impregate numerous does over the course of the year?


Send you KS wildlife officials over to MO to learn how to conduct managed bow and black powder hunts in your urban parks. Problem solved.


"Next year?"

Whatever else they think is going to eat their flowers or destroy their lawns.




Last year coyotes, this year deer.

Next year?

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