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January 18, 2009

Praying for end to fighting in Gaza

I would like to thank you for publishing the story of Yaser Wishah (1/11, A-1, “In death’s shadow, life shines; As her husband in Olathe waits anxiously, a woman surrounded by bombing gives birth in Gaza”). As an American from a Palestinian heritage, I felt deeply for Mr. Wishah’s dilemma.

My family lives in Jerusalem, and in many times during the past 30 years when I have been away, the phone has been the only method of communication. Many times during war and crisis, we don’t even have that available.

I also thank you for reminding us all that the Gaza crisis and war has human casualties. The people who are suffering and dying in the thousands all over Gaza are not shadows or ghosts. They are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, children and grandparents, all human, all dying. They are people who are lost in the news analysis of who is right and who is wrong.

We pray for the end of this new war and pray that we have leadership in the United States that will see the wisdom of ending this 60-year-old, never-ending war.

Ahmad Ghosheh
Kansas City



ooooooh, I'm so afraid....

you are nuts NE, considering the 1000s of white racist sites on the internet this is what you saw fit to post twice.

how many hits will yellow peril get you?




BuddyT, (which I will always call you)

You were kicked off of this blog for racist statements about Arabs, as long time residents here will remember, so it falls on deaf ears when you say you don't care what a persons background is. You have made statements such as we should bomb all the Muslims.

I don't know why they let you back.

On the other thread I brought Teddys views on the people of the world he considered inferior because quoting him as an enlightened individual leaves out a large part of who he was. He like you, considered all non whites as less than himself.


The people need prayers an they need help, quickly. Over 1200 are dead, 5,000 wounded and the economy, already a disaster, is set back 5 years.


Brcause they have stupid and cowardly leaders who were idiots in provoking Israel, then who hid like rats in holes while their country was invaded.
They did not fight after all their tough talk. They hid and let their people die and suffer. Now they will crawl out of their sewer and claim "victory''.

I support a free Palestine but Hamas leaders are jfioe eeei0e keoeew'.


I don't give a damn if his name is Taliban Charlie Race Card. My point is, and will continue to be Hamas is a terrorist group and it is their fault this man's wife lives in a war zone.

It is you that feels compelled to bring race into every discussion. You did it in the previous thread and you are attempting to do so in this one.

Take a break RC.


The problem with you, BuddyT, is......

...not enough room on this thread.

The man is an American citizen and you don't care. His name is Ahmad, that's enough for you to dislike him and disrespect his opinion.




Talk to Hamas, get them to stop lobbing rockets in for 6 months, and then, gasp, Israel actually fights back.


"...and pray that we have leadership in the United States that will see the wisdom of ending this 60-year-old, never-ending war."

Mr. Ghosheh seems to think that the US wields more power in this situation that we actually seem to.

Our "diplomatic" ability to push for certain Israeli actions seems to be very weak, so lets say the US quits giving Israel any sort of aid. Other than an eventual decline in their strength (and I say eventual because Israel has significant resources and forces at this point), the US would have exhausted our options for "ending" this war.

Face it, the two sides have been fighting for thousands of years. This time, it's about a small piece of land that western countries carved out over a half a century ago. Until one side or the other no longer exists, the fighting will continue, no matter what the US does. Positions like Solomon's to end aid so that the US isn't supporting the fight (whether you agree or not) are at least in the realm of possibility. Thinking, like Mr. Ghosheh, that the US has the power to end the fighting is naive.



Here's an American concerned about his relatives. Would you place your 51st state over his concerns? Ahmad probably is a good American who is paying his taxes.

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