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January 16, 2009

Red-light cameras might not be safer

Red-light cameras will not will not necessary protect the public (1/10, Opinion). The basic reason is that a driver does not know when the light is about to change.

To help a driver know the light is about to turn yellow, the green light should start blinking. This gives the driver plenty of time to stop. I’ve seen this done in another city, and the method works well.

I firmly believe there will be little change in public protection because, again, we simply do not know when the light will turn yellow.

Darryl Taylor



When you approach a "stale" green light, you are supposed to slow down to a speed that will give you a chance to stop if the light turns yellow. Simple concept, hard to instill in people's minds.

T. Hanson

Oh this will be fun:

Maryland Students Use Speed Cameras for Revenge


Students take down the license plate number of a teacher/student they don't like. Then make a fake license plate that looks like the real one and tape it over their plate. Then they go all through town breaking red light cams. The camera just takes the pic, which can not see if the plate is a fake and then wham you get a nice ticket even though you did not drive.

Of course you can prove in court that was not you, but you had to take time out of your day or pay a lawyer. Bad Idea.


Oh, baloney, Rogue. Yellow means "caution." Slow down and stop. If some dimwit caves in your car's read end, hope it's a Hummer and sue the heck out of the dummy... What studies?


Some studies show these light cause intersection wrecks because of people stopping unexpectedly in anticipation of the light changing. At best their use is questionable.


Good morning TinaMcG,

I learned that yellow lights mean "speed up" on Lakeshore Dr years ago. :-)


Uh-huh, and how are you supposed to know how long the green lights will blink?

Yellow lights mean speed up, didn't you know that?


Blinking green lights?

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