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January 10, 2009

Red-light cameras in KC

The Star’s E. Thomas McClanahan finally brings red-light cameras in Kansas City to light. (1/4, Opinion, “Revenue quest, not safety, is behind cameras”).

Congratulations, fellow Kansas Citians! Your motoring safety has been compromised. On May 1, 2008, the City Council unanimously voted to move forward with the installation of red-light cameras.

Don’t fool yourself about the deterrent effect of red-light cameras. Any introductory criminal justice class teaches that the best deterrent for a wrongdoing is a swift and just punishment. The inconvenience and embarrassment of being pulled over on the spot for running a red light is a far greater deterrent than a notice being sent in the mail weeks later. A “ticket in the mail” is merely one more bill to pay for the offender.

If this is really about driving safety, multiple studies have concluded that extending yellow light durations is much more effective. Will the cameras be removed in the future when red-light infractions decrease?

Start the petitions for removal now.

Jeff Weis
Kansas City



Red light cameras work.

The only problem with them is what happens when their operation is turned over to private/for-profit enterprise and they become a revenue generator rather than a traffic safety device.

Why does McClanahan hate capitalism? These red light camera companies are only trying to earn an honest living!!

McClanahan said, "A study by the Federal Highway Administration concluded that while red-lights cameras reduced right-angle collisions, they led to an increase in rear-end crashes".

Right angle, side impact, high speed collisions kill people. Rear enders, much less so.

The 291S overpass in Lee's Summit was once controlled by only stop signs. The MoDOT argument against spending money on traffic signals there was McClanahan's same "side impact collisions will only be replaced with rear-enders" nonsense.

The last fatality at that overpass I can remember was finally followed within a couple of weeks by temp signals and with permanent lights soon following.

Pub 17

Are you kidding? It's all in the reflexes.


"China is here, Mistah Burton"

What movie?

Pub 17

What a TERRIBLE, corrupt place the United States is. Nice Guy will tell us soon enough of the Pure Land to which we must all go some day.


Erroneous is perfectly acceptable in government. Just ask Bill Richardson his view on it in regards to fraud and errors made by State government. It's all good.
Government is allowed to error, allowed to commit fraud, libel, perjury, cook the books, etc. Escpeially if the gang in charge is YOUR gang.


Smile, Big Brother has come to KC! Perhaps he will take over the school district and the Mayor's office as well.

What a zoo, nah, I take that back that is unfair to the animals in the zoo......


My concern is how many tickets will be sent out erroneously when someone is in the intersection waiting to make a left turn and traffic doesn't clear until after the light turns red. It is the proper way to make a left turn, and as BuddyT pointed out a few days ago he got a ticket from an officer for doing so. The camera idea only works if it is a video, as a picture in this case only says limited words.

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