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January 27, 2009

Religion’s role in Gaza conflict

Would not the Palestinians benefit more from a drop of religious rhetoric?

Janet Baker (1/26, Opinion, “As I See It: “It’s time for all to be heard on Palestinian issues, rights”) adds the question, “Have I mentioned there are also Christians living in Gaza?” as if this has bearing on the conflict.

Religious righteousness has continued to fuel the fighting. Only after unfounded beliefs are abandoned will there be peace in the region. It is time to abandon childish things. We are all part of one tribe — the human one, no god required.

Jim Svetlecic



"This current conflict, despite the rhetoric, is about land."

Duh. Can't be repeated enough.



It has something to do with others having brains where his bias is.


"This current conflict is the fault of Islamic terrorists who belong to Hamas, period"

Oh well, then, end of discussion. Bud has succinctly wrapped it all up into one neat little sentence. Why didn't the rest of us think of that?!?



Do you ever read anything? Ever watch 60 Minutes? Ever consider that there are at least two sides to a conflict?

Better yet, do you ever turn the hate off and let a thought actually form?

This conflict is about land, and the Israelis are the culprits. Ben Netanyahu said recently that they will continue to expand when he is elected, to the detriment of the Palestinians. As more and more people immigrate to Israel the Palestinians are getting screwed more and more, and your response when you were still going by MiaFarrow was all the Palestinians should pack up and leave their homes.


This current conflict is the fault of Islamic terrorists who belong to Hamas, period.


All beliefs are unfounded, that is what faith is.

The people who say this is a religious conflict are missing the point. Jews and Muslims lived side by side in peace for the majority of the past 14 centuries. This current conflict, despite the rhetoric, is about land.

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