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January 05, 2009

Save the Imperial Brewery building

I agree with Ted Caster (1/1, Letters) that the preservation of the old Imperial Brewery building would be a beautiful addition to the commute up Interstate 35 into Kansas City. It is also important to remember that, according to the United States Green Building Council, “40 percent of the total solid waste stream in the U.S. comes from construction and demolition.”

It would be a shame to add so much waste while destroying such a nice old building.

Further, as the council also points out, by reusing the building there would be a reduction in the impact on the environment from raw material extraction, manufacture and transportation — another important and worthy goal.

Brian Brookbank


Lewis Booth

I believe we should keep this building to add to Kansas City's history. It would be a shame to deystroy this building after so much history comes out of it. Its one of the few buildings we have that is from the early 20th century in Kansas City and i'm affraid if it gets torn down it will be forgotton. I wouldn't be atests to creating a petition to keeping this building. I am going to school for architecture and could get plenty of signauters to keep this building.

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