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January 14, 2009

Scale back Department of Homeland Security

The Obama administration will be looking for ways to trim federal expenditures. I have a good one for them. How about we cut way, way back on some of the department of Department of Homeland Security?

We don’t need two-thirds of the security being conducted at our airports, assuming that the doors to the cockpit have in fact been reinforced and are kept locked. If terrorists cannot get control of the planes, there is no real incentive for targeting them.

As for other Homeland Security activities, just check out the new television show where they are highlighted for their drug interdiction program. Why such activity when we have the existing Drug Enforcement Administration for such?

Way too much of this huge new department is simply duplicating efforts made elsewhere. Before conservatives start jumping up and down, claiming that my suggestion will soften gains made in protecting this country from terrorists, let me be clear. I am not saying that the new department should be dismantled. I am simply saying that a hard look should be made to ensure that big, big expenditures are not simply being wasted.

Richard L. Strickland


Dan Beyer

Yeah, let's just dismantle it completely. And we can pretend there is no threat. Or maybe one of our favorite TV characters will come to life and save the day! Or maybe we can pretend...


Forget that line of thinking Pub, Engineer is another one who won't admit he'd be doing just as Hamas given the same set of circumstances.

BTW, I bet BuddyT throws like a girl. (sorry ladies, most of you here probably throw better than BuddyT)

Pub 17

Intended to provoke Rouge, of course, since he refuses to admit that if he were in Gaza he'd be throwing rocks at Israeli tanks with the best of them.


Pub 17
"Hamas is the Palestinian NRA". Even for you this an outstandingly ridiculous statement.


Bin Laden's goal wasn't to attack us.

His goal was to bankrupt us and the attacks are only the means to that end.

Bush was bin Laden's foil.


While I applaud the TSA for their efforts, bumping up security measures is the quintesential exercise in futility. In the face of all the modern world's weaponry, our lives were changed by 19 box cutters. And despite the TSA's best efforts to monitor carry on items, to think that it is no longer possible to sneak a box cutter on to an aircraft is laughable.

And while I agree with Tina about the constant effects of stepping up security measures (eventual boarding measures will no doubt require one to disrobe and wear a paper hospital gown while in the air), it is nothing more than a reminder that these bastards seem to be one step ahead of us. Thank God their twisted sense of self proclaimation via a variety of media outlets has thus far exposed them before they had a chance to act.


From theoriginal letter: "We don’t need two-thirds of the security being conducted at our airports, assuming that the doors to the cockpit have in fact been reinforced and are kept locked. If terrorists cannot get control of the planes, there is no real incentive for targeting them"

Breaching the cockpit is only one way of bringing down a plane. It justh appens to be the way the 9-11 hijackers did it. So knowing they could no longer get into cockpits, they came up the infamous shoe-bombing ploy, which resulted in shoeless passengers passing through security and millions of BIC lighters being confiscated and thrown into landfills (and a boost for BIC lighter sales, I'd imagine.)

With no means to ignite a bomb anymore, the bad guys began carrying on chemicals to mix enroute, and that was foiled, resulting in a ban on carry-on liquids -- and a whole lot of smelly passengers arriving at Heathrow from LAX. Phewww.

Gotta go, a story just came on the news and it's giving me the creeps. A US Airways plane just went into the Hudson.


In the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks, no one, least of all the mainstream media, wanted to be branded as a traitor by resurrecting that bit of news. Too bad.


Good afternoon TinaMcG,

Thank you for reminding people of what the world was like before 9/11.

Hate makes some people forget.


Here's an interesting article from The Nation, granted, an extremely liberal publication -- but read the piece anyway. This news was reported in other places at the time, which was May 2001, four months before the attacks. The Bush administration handed the Taliban $43 million as a gift to reward them for their alleged "anti-drug" stance.

"Bush's Faustian Deal With the Devil"

Ha. And you all thought the TARP money was being misspent.

Pub 17

Hamas is the Palestinian NRA.
Thank you, thank you.


Sorry to take this off thread in conversing with BuddyT, now that NE is visiting some coal pile in ND he's the best bigot we have left.


So you would just pack up and leave. You are such a liar. You threatened your neighbor with collected leaves and a leaf blower not two months ago you belligerent bastard.

I have an idea, lets offer to move the Palestinians to your neighborhood, the whole bunch of them. That's what the UN did with the Jews when Europe finally proved they didn't want them.


Race Card, take a breath, you are going to hurt yourself. Good God man you are saying everything twice!

BTW if I were a Palestinian I would get the hell out of Dodge....stupid question. But before I did that I would do my best to kill every Hamas SOB I laid my eyes on Those are the people responsible for getting my friends killed.

What was it you told me once Race Card, take a valium and a shot of scotch??


kate my darling,

They actually x-rayed my little jars off kraut, horseradish and pickled octopus at the airport when I returned from my vacation in July.


BTW, idiot,

off thread; I asked you here several times what you'd do if you were a Palestinian living in Gaza, and you have never answered. Would you lie down and take it?


(Are you really that dumb that when a person says "not an endorsement" you don't get that it means he doesn't approve.) is how that first sentnece was intended, but as usual my backspace editing shills are lacking today. Its hard to edit a post to BuddyT without having to backspace out parts Trudy might consider offensive.



Are you really that dumb that when a person says "not an endorsement" it means he doesn't approve. We know you're dumb enough not to know what "that is just a fact" means.

I have said here in these pages that I support the war in Afghanistan.

as long as you've proven again you don't understand english....

ti si jedanput opet dokaz taj svaki selo idiomi, kreker


Once again Race Card points out that "America Sucks". OMG, Afghanistan was a freaking paradise until the US invaded, right Race Card?


“We don’t need two-thirds of the security being conducted at our airports”

One man hides explosives in his shoes, and now all footwear is suspect and banned until proven innocent. *sigh* If only he had chosen a can of sauerkraut instead . . .

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