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January 24, 2009

Seniors deserve Social Security

From time to time I read about some of the younger generation crying about paying into Social Security. It just gripes their rears they have to pay so we seniors can have a comfortable retirement.

They act like they are giving us something. The fact is we have paid into it all of our working lives, so we are getting nothing we don’t deserve. So just shut up and pay it. If you did get a few dollars extra each week you would just go out and buy a bigger flat-screen TV or a bigger house you had no intention of paying for that would go into foreclosure in a year or two anyway.

We seniors deserve our trips to sunny Arizona.

Richard Clary


Pub 17

And I thought I had too much tube time logged...


I remember Clary from his days on "Hogan's Heroes".


The concern is that it won't be there for the younger workers, and it won't You deserve enough so you can live not the extra perks of Arizona


"Richard Clary must be a joy at family functions. Can't you just picture him?"

Yep, a real 'hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn' kinda guy.

Pub 17

Wow, the V.C. talking about MORE things he doesn't know a damn thing about. BTW, name one SS payment that's been missed, fool.


Mr. Clary, I personally believe whomever took your money from the beginning and made promises to you should be required to hold true to that promise. Our generation did not make that promise, the politicians did so hold them accountable.
Social Security should be a voluntary contribution for anyone under the current retirement age. Have you ever heard of an actuary? Ever wonder why the do not allow any American's Social Security to be T.O.D.? Because it is a scam Mr. Clary.


Richard Clary must be a joy at family functions. Can't you just picture him?


I can't tell if Mr. Clary is serious or being tongue-in-cheek. I paid my first SS tax 50 years ago when I was 15 (working one summer at Katz at 75th and Metcalf), and my employers and I paid $180K into the system for the next 48 years. I appreciate working Americans who are paying into the system, and I am confident benefits will be there in 20 or 40 years and beyond. And I doubt if retirees are using their SS benefits for trips to Arizona these days, unless they're hitchhiking...


Wow, someone sure has a beef with the younger generation, doesn't he? I would be miffed if I were paying into a system I'd probably never collect from, and I don't think young people are nearly as irresponsible and reckless as Mr. Clary paints them. After all, we're in a hell of a mess right now, aren't we? And which generation was in charge when this was happening?

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