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January 27, 2009

Simple ways to breathe easier

The article “Cleaner air worth five more months” (A-1, 1/22) revealing the correlation between cleaner air and increased life expectancy makes an important connection between our actions and our quality of life.

Although air quality regulations are an important piece of reducing air pollution, individuals can take simple, everyday steps to make our air cleaner. Habits that are seemingly small — stopping at the click when refueling, carpooling, refueling in the evening and not idling — can cumulatively have a positive impact on our region’s air. You can find more tips that help make our air cleaner at www.marc.org/airQ

Amanda Graor
Senior Air Quality Planner, Mid-America Regional Council
Kansas City


Ruskin (Fence) and Misery (Campus)

none of us are getting out of this situation alive!


Buddy, if you go to the main website, MARC.org, you will see that they are involved in many functions of government. I descried a very small part of their services, as viewed from the sidelines. I’ll leave it to others to argue the worthiness of the rest of their programs.

Was that you who left the comment about 80’s technology & hair at HA?

Sol, my comment was not directed to anyone in particular.




"Who pulled the Tina B....'s chain?"

Looks like BudRog is going to be a short-lived moniker. Good, I wasn't a fan and you've done better.



You do yomama a dishonor by calling TinMcG that. Shows a total lack of home training.


That is good to hear ButRug.



Kate I will give you the benefit of the doubt in your description of MARC's functions, but please tell me how telling me to fill my gas tanks fits with those functions?

Hey Race Card I could care less how you spell it!


Good evening Kate,

At about 3 this morning I clicked on the link Amanda provided, spent about 5 minutes looking at the site and realized that this was the sort of thing my tax money should go to. Did not comment because I could not imagine why anyone would object to a program that puts us as a priority.

Then along came a post at 1:32 this afternoon. I felt a bit like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, doing the most memorable line from that flick.

There are certain folks here I have no patience or tolerance for any longer, as they are all about divisiveness and hatred. Maybe some of the folks here feel that way about me.(the patience and tolerance part)

I do not wish you to be put off by my clashes with the people who call me names, ignorant or very ignorant etc.....and I am sorry it makes you uncomfortable. That is very sincere.

I look forward to the day when you take up for me when I am the object of being called out of my name or my views being distorted because they are beyond someones ability to understand them.


This constant bickering is getting pretty old.

To answer the question, from my extremely limited viewpoint, one of the advantages of having MARC is that it brings people from many jurisdictions together. Without MARC, I’m not sure how much communication would go on between, say, law enforcement in Platte County and fire in Independence, but through MARC they work on projects together to the benefit of both areas.

MARC also provides training courses - one category of classes is required by the feds in order for the jurisdictions to continue to be eligible to receive any Federal grant money, and MARC makes it easier to comply with the regulation.

MARC works on communication between jurisdictions (electronic and radio), which is vital in an area such as ours where flash flooding, severe storms, chemical releases, gasoline tank fires, and many other situations can start in one area, but quickly spread to affect much of the metropolitan area.


My original thought was an "a" where the "u" is, but that would be wrong.

Bad Jimmy.......


"ButRug is right"

ButRug...ewww, Solomon, now you got me thinking of that scoot thing our dog Jimmy does on the living room rug...


ButRug is right, these are dollars we can be arming the world with. Who needs clean air when we can use the tax money to finance warfare.


Someone please tell me again why taxpayer dollars are funding MARC?


Good idea, and maybe someone can track down and ticket the Deffenbaugh truck that was blackening the skies of our neighborhood the other day with huge plumes of black smoke coming from its exhaust pipe. They're supposed to pick up garbage, not throw it into the air.

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