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January 24, 2009

Those pesky sweet gum trees

Evelyn Cochran (1/3, Letters) only touched the tip of the iceberg in writing about sweet gum trees. Granted, their nasty little spiny balls are a pain to rake up, and they clog the sewers. Did you ever think, like I do, that whoever made the decision to plant all these trees had to have a college degree? Duh.

In my neighborhood, those trees have completely torn up the sidewalks. Some of the pieces of sidewalk are a foot high. The tree roots destroy the curbs. Kids can’t ride bikes on these sidewalks.

But here’s the real rub. If the city comes and replaces the sidewalks, the homeowner has to “pay” for the sidewalks the city destroyed with their sweet gum trees.

When the city came in my neighborhood and planted those trees, as soon as they went around the corner my husband went out and pulled the tree out of our parkway. Today we have a nice flat sidewalk, while all the others are a mess.

Carol Luteran
Kansas City



"Is this 911? I'd like to report a crime....yeah, that right......some guy up the street just ripped out a new city tree by its roots.....yeah ...I saw the whole thing....I think his name is Lutermen or something like that....."


Penicillin should take care of that RC.


Is this the same little spiny balls as before?

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