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January 05, 2009

Violence in Gaza

The three letters (1/2) on Gaza present an unbalanced look at Israeli-Palestinian relations. Some facts need to be brought to light.

First, Hamas, in typical terrorist fashion, operates in close proximity to its civilian population. Attack Hamas, and civilians get hurt. Avoiding civilian casualties gives Hamas a free pass.

Second, Palestinian rockets are shot at civilian targets. So where is the outrage?

Third, it is well established that if Hamas never fired another rocket, shot another bullet or sponsored another suicide bomber, there would be no killing at all by either side.

Fourth, and perhaps most important, the Palestinian refugee problem was totally the result of deliberate Arab policy back in the late ’40s, when Arab nations were promising to drive out the Jews and return the land to the Palestinians. These nations refused to absorb those who left Israel. They purposely created a refugee problem.

This situation is complex. Both sides have legitimate grievances. Attacking only one side’s policies will not further the peace process.

K.A. Newman
Prairie Village

Israel gave Gaza back five years ago, and in return has received five years of incessant rocket attacks from this very same land. The U.N. and anti-Israeli groups were silent during these outrageous, unprovoked attacks by Hamas. The vast majority of those killed by this overdue response by Israel are Hamas terrorists, unfortunately causing some civilian casualties by hiding among the populace.

Clearly, the responsibility for harm to Palestinian civilians is the fault of Hamas and its leaders. The only purpose of Hamas’ existence is to destroy Israel. Israel is forced to do what it must do to protect its citizens and to survive. No other nation on Earth would take such attacks without prompt retaliation. Israel has shown remarkable restraint in not answering sooner.

Thousands of Jewish settlers were forcibly removed by Israeli troops from their homes and farms after living and working the Gaza land for more than 50 years. Why is it that a million Arabs live in comparative peace in Israel, but a Jew living in Gaza is in danger of being lynched?

Something is very wrong.

Paul Warner



Some dude is on FOX explaining how it was actually Hamas that cut off the food, electricity and water to Gaza and Hamas is holding the Palestinian civilians hostage.

This is a huge hostage situation and Israel is only trying to free the Arabs from their Arab captors.

My only point is that they're all insane.


Whisperer, good evening,

It was established earlier that Paul considers the Jews from Brooklyn and Berlin,(not many from Toledo, as Europeans ran them out of there years ago, oh yeah, the Germans roasted may later while anti-semitism was rampant here in the US) as the legitimate owners of the territory and it is his doody (yeah, doody) as an American taxpayer to support them. He'd like to see it fought out "Sharks vs Jets" style with music applied.

Well Paul, you are paying for the music with the bombs your tax dollars are killing children with. Israels bombs are just as offensive as Hamas' rockets.


"The vast majority of those killed by this overdue response by Israel are Hamas terrorists, unfortunately causing some civilian casualties by hiding among the populace." - Paul

AP, today: "GAZA CITY, Gaza — Israeli mortar shells struck outside a U.N. school where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge on Tuesday, killing at least 30 people — many of them children whose parents wailed in grief at a hospital filled with dead and wounded."

"The Israeli army said its soldiers came under fire from militants hiding in the school and responded. It accused Gaza’s Hamas rulers of “cynically” using civilians as human shields."

Yes, Paul. Something is very wrong.


Just put the big goof in the group with no sympathy for for an opposing position, or Muslims in general. I doubt he'll be first in line when the Latinos and native Americans sign up for dimwit paid for welfare bombs based on the guilt we feel about what was done to them 60 years ago by a Christian group of nations.

Damn, I hate when I forget things. We have no sympathy for those whose lands were taken by us in the course of history. History repeats itself in such ugly ways.

Pub 17

BigNeil-Israel's claim to the region is based on a 2500-year-old claim. 600 years behind? That's part of the entire regional mindset. That's why believing Israel can somehow scare Hamas into backing off is ridiculous. Twenty centuries from now it'll still be going on.


I have seen a lot of nonsense reaction all over the world to the situation in Gaza. The nonsense has come mainly from other muslims. Especially the PLO in the West Bank. I heard a Women that is a high ranking officiall that worked under Abbas complaining about how terrible Israel is for killing the palestinian children. Israel does not target children unlike Hamas. Collateral damage! My neighbor was a drunk. It seemed for a while he was always getting into trouble for domestic violence. The police would show up with there lights flashing and wake up my newborn son. One day my neighbor had the SWAT team come out in the middle of the night with helicopters and officers with automatic weapons. They did this because he was shooting his rifle at peoples mailboxes. If someone in my family was caught in the crossfire I would be furious but would I blame the police for coming to try and protect the neighborhood that I lived. Of course not I would blame the drunk idiot with a gun for antagonizing everyone there. especially if it happened on several occassion I would eventally attack him myself. If someone runs at you with a knife do you wait until he sticks it in your heart or do you take him out before it is too late. When someone threatens you and shoots rockets at you requires retaliation. Not to understand that means that you have the mental capacity of someone of the age of 5. The Islamic calendar is around 600 years behind the rest of the worlds calendar. They didn't start their calendar until Muhammed was around which was 600 years after Christ died and rose. I think the majority of the extreme muslims living in the middle east still are thinking 600 years behind the rest of the world. I also think that Islam is the root cause of almost every major conflict in the world today. Not Oil Islam. Because there is Not Oil in Gaza. The pakistanis sent those terrorists to do those attacks in mumbai because of Islamic hatred. Islam is taking over europe. Wake Up America Islam is your main enemy!



We know you have slur names for Latinos, Arabs, Blacks.....what do you call the Jews?

Now, try making anyone here believe you don't have one for them. Everyone knows you are riding the fence because you like how the corner post feels.



I'm sure you realize the post to idiot was to MiaFarrow, who married a Jew who had sex with her daughter.

Now that is a remark some would say was Jew bashing, I'd call it woody/Mia bashing.



What I have a problem with is welfare in the form of bombs paid for with my tax dollars.

if you want to have a country buy your own damn bombs. I know you consider Israel our 51st state, I don't.

If thats Jew bashing, you American citizen bash every day, as you are against all forms of aid to any american in need.

How much did the state of israel pay in US income tax last year? Now, how much did you pay for the schools to be bombed today?


Solomon, don't you understand that if you question taxpayer-supported carnage of any kind, that automatically makes you an unpatriotic anti-semite?


I see the Race Card is out Jew bashing again today. What do you have against the Jews RC? Did you tell Jesse to call New York "Hymie Town" too?


Now it is reported that Jews are being attacked in Europe. That must give them that nostalgic feeling from the 30s and 40s when it was Europeans doing it and us just watching cause we didn't give a crud about them.


Another school bombing in Gaza, that's 2 for today.

Our tax money at work.


with "our" taxmoney bombs"........

When do we start arming other nations that are under attack and can't exist without our tax money bombs?

GW, to his great credit, has done more in the way of health care in Africa than any other President. Yet we sit by while the factions fight it out and kill wantonly. What makes the Israelis more important?


Well, we successfully bombed a UN chartered school today with out taxmoney bombs.

Hope that makes ou all warm and fuzzy.

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