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January 03, 2009

Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan

I just watched a television special on the wars in Afghanistan and the tribal areas next door in Pakistan. The wars are not going well, to say the least. The situations look hopeless from a military point of view. A few extra U.S. troops are not going to turn the wars around.

NATO is not doing much, if any fighting. There is no strategy to win, and our too-few troops in Afghanistan are like sitting ducks in remote outposts, much like Vietnam.

Both countries have unpopular governments. We are losing the support of the local populations. The Taliban or insurgents and al-Qaida are talking about taking over neighboring Pakistan.

The big problem with a takeover in Pakistan is that Pakistan has nuclear weapons. It may be time for letters and phone calls to our representatives asking, “What are we doing there? What is the plan to secure the nukes?”

Clark Redick
Mission Hills



Did you get that one where you learned "First Ho"?


Since when do the Taliban accept EBT cards?


The Taliban wiped out poppies as a sinful crop. Now they fund the war against the invaders by selling the sinful product to the invaders.

You have to love irony.

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