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January 11, 2009

We already know about DTV

Am I the only person who has had it with the reminders that digital TV (DTV) will take effect next month? I can’t believe how this one issue has taken over our TV and radio programs every single day.

The sad fact is the people who are not on cable or dish are the only people who need to know about DTV. I can’t believe more people are not expressing the point that we all understand the DTV deadline date (Feb. 17), how to get our government coupons and how to hook up a converter box.

Local Kansas City media: It’s time to unplug the digital TV reminders! I will never complain about months of election commercials ever again.

Thomas M. Edmondson
Kansas City



its not archived yet, just scroll down to the bottom section of todays. 4th from the bottom


Sorry Solomon, that thread is archived and I don't know what folder to search in.Care to enlighten?


TinaMcG, and all of my friends here

please see my note to you under congressional pay raise.


"Bush destroyed the once great educational system in this country. What do you expect?"

Oh yeah, we were a real nation of rocket scientists before he got elected.


Bush destroyed the once great educational system in this country. What do you expect?

Pub 17

No, think about it: who's the target demographic? People without cable and without newer TV's. The AVERAGE income and hipness is probably going to be significantly less than the population. Oh-I'm one of them. I bought a terrific analog-tuner TV about five years ago, and I detest cable/dish.

I also hit up thrift stores frequently for kitchen gadgets, for no particular reason. I don't see ANY of them either discounting their many soon-to-be-unusable old TVs or any signs up, which I think is pretty cold.

Stifled Freedom

Oh you wait, on Feb 17, a whole bunch of people will be saying "what happened to my TV?"

The public is numb to warnings and alerts nowadays...partly because there are so many of them...and partly because they are too lazy to listen.



Thanks for the FYI. I wonder what is causing the blown budget then?

Never underestimate the ability of a temporary government program to become self-perpetuating...


Actually Marc, as part of the deal to transition to DTV, the cable companies, who will greatly benefit from the transition, agreed to bear the cost of the commercials.


That's right, Marc. Obama requested a delay in the transition to DTV just last week.

Some people who have already hooked up converter boxes are reporting they're now getting more channels.


It looks like it may drag on even longer. I heard this morning that the DTV program has blown through its budget (probably all those commercials) and has run out of money for the converter box coupons. I guess some in the program are asking to postpone the transition for a while longer until more money is found.

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